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Don Draper and How Not to Use Certain Words in Advertising
By Denis Smith

If Mad Men’s Don Draper were living in Ohio today and watching the latest commercials promoting some charter schools, he would no doubt be pleased to see how advertising agencies have mastered the art of designing an effective message for their intended audiences.

Draper, the guru of Madison Avenue’s Sterling Cooper Draper Price, will be disappearing from the small screen in the next several weeks, while charter school ads will not. In fact, as the pace of school privatization picks up in Ohio and across […]

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Governor John Kasich spent the past few weeks playing at running for president, jetting around the country and selling himself as someone who can bring people and parties together to solve all of our nation’s problems.

Kasich loves to play at being a cross-the-aisle uniter, nearly as much as he loves hearing himself speak, but his story, targeted at an uninformed national audience,  aims to hide the embarrassing truth about the deep divisiveness playing out here in Ohio as the Republican-controlled legislature continues to chart its own course in response to Kasich’s budget proposal- the most expensive in state history.

Last week the Ohio House of Representatives passed a highly-altered version of the governor’s […]

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It’s not news to those who follow labor markets that the erosion of collective bargaining has undercut wages and benefits not only for union members, but for nonunion workers as well. This has been a major cause of middle-class income stagnation and rising inequality, according to an Economic Policy Institute [EPI] report called “The Benefits of Collective Bargaining, An Antidote to Wage Decline and Inequality.”

Heyday Gone Astray

In the heyday of post World War II,  government policy encouraged the growth of unions and labor advanced such that 40 percent of all workers were members of a union and full-time workers […]

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On no uncertain terms, Gov Kasich says he has no interest of being a vice president. At least that’s what he told Gloria Borger on CNN. It shouldn’t surprise anybody. I’ve never seen him as a guy taking orders from anybody else if you leave God out of the picture.

To confirm his ascendancy, he says he doesn’t even know what vice presidents do. So he’s determined to be an all-or-nothing guy to the White House in the expanding Republican universe of rising and collapsing stars.

And if he must return home unheralded from his intensive itinerary of glad-handing and […]

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Ohio Gov. John Richard Kasich has a Nixon-like ability to belch up disingenuous flatulence that would drop a horse fly.

Witness his recent speech to the New America Foundation in Washington, D.C., as reported by

“In my state of Ohio, we find that we can’t commercialize… Why? Because there’s not a culture of innovation. There’s not a culture of risk-taking. There’s not a culture of people getting excited about new ideas. There’s not a culture that says, ‘Damn the status quo, it’s time to move ahead before we die.’”

What the hell does this man see when […]

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Back in 2009, Republicans blamed former Gov. Ted Strickland for letting NCR move from Dayton to Atlanta. At the time, citizen John Kasich attempted to ridicule his predecessor at a GOP dinner event, claiming that if he was governor “he would have gone to the CEO’s house and ‘that guy couldn’t get out of his driveway because I’d be sitting on the hood of his car.’”

Goodyear Marches to Mexico

Maybe Gov. Kasich should have been sitting on the hood of the car of Goodyear CEO Richard Kramer instead abandoning Ohio and traipsing off to early presidential primary states trying to breath […]

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Have Republican governors given the GOP brand a black eye when it comes to job creation and economic output? A report at Salon out Friday makes a strong case for Yes!

It wasn’t hard to imagine that the brood of Tea Party-inspired governors elected in 2010, when voter turnout was down and anger was up against President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, would flirt with a run for the White House if they won a second term.

Poor Economic Record For Kasich Crowd

For hard-right governors like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Bobby Jindal in Louisiana and John Kasich in […]

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House Panel Removes Faculty Union-Busting Language
by John McNay

On Tuesday, the House Finance Committee removed union-busting language from HB 64, the budget bill under heavy criticism by Ohio faculty.

How this language, straight out of 2011’s Senate Bill 5, got into the budget bill is something of a mystery. No one is claiming credit for it. In fact, everyone seems to be running from it. The Inter-University Council (the council of four-year college and university presidents) denies any involvement. Several university presidents have denied any involvement.

The language comes from a Supreme Court decision in 1980, NLRB v. […]

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A little history was made Thursday when the nomination of Loretta E. Lynch, of New York, to be Attorney General turned into a confirmation. In a 56-43 vote, that included both Ohio senators who represent different political parties casting similar votes for a change, Lynch became the first-ever African-American woman to hold the post and only the second woman to win the Senate’s consent.

Brown And Portman Vote Yes But For Different Reasons

While the historic vote for Loretta Lynch was preceded by a procedural vote that boded well for her,  garnering 15 more votes than the 51 needed […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich doesn’t want to “go out there and waste (his) time,” campaigning for the presidency if he’s not going to win.

Well, John Kasich is not going to win, but I’d love to see him go out there and waste his time anyway.

His feints toward presidential ambition have been so knee-slappingly entertaining thus far, I’d hate him to forego the opportunity to dance across the national stage one more time. I’m a man who enjoys a good show.

And while the GOP clown car unloads with the likes of Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rand […]

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Athens County is not home to any hydraulic fracking activities of the sort that would create jobs or economic development i.e. actual drilling. But it is home to seven fracking waste injection wells, and in 2014 was the second most heavily injected county in the state—first for out-of-state waste.

An eighth injection well that was recently given the green light from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is poised to jump Athens County from receiving a little less than 3 million barrels of waste per year to as much as nearly 7 million, well outpacing any other county.

Residents of Athens […]

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