From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 14, 2015

While other Republicans like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are taking the leap, laying out their leadership credentials and declaring their candidacy for U.S. President, Ohio’s erratic, combative and term-limited governor showed what leading from behind really looks like.

John Kasich ventured again past state borders Monday to display his well-known abrasive personality to several hundred people who attended the Detroit Economic Club. Already thrashed in New York by leading conservatives who called him out on his Bible babble trope to justify his limited compassion for “people living in the shadows,” and warned by leading pollsters who say his peek-a-boo campaign […]

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Did you see that Robert Mercer, the full-pocketed Wall Street hedge fund zillionaire, went out and bought a Republican presidential candidate? Yep, crazy Ted Cruz. Mercer, described in a New York Times report as a hard-right “recluse”, likes Cruz. They are soul mates on stuff like taxes. And Mercer doesn’t mind paying for it.

It’s a perfect match inasmuch as Mercer’s Renaissance hedge fund has been tailed by the IRS with claims that it owes $6 billion in back taxes. Mercer , to the delight of his right-wing crowd, wants to abolish the IRS, a thought neither original with him […]

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Ohio, before and during, was a power player in shaping the War Between the States.

Ohio was a hot bed of Abolitionists. Harriet Beecher Stowe, early abolitionist newspapers, politicians (Salmon P. Chase for one) and Oberlin College were all from, about, or in Ohio. The Buckeye State was instrumental in the success of the Underground Railroad as a major path to Canada. Lincoln carried Ohio to become President.

Serving in Lincoln’s Cabinet were two former Ohio Governors, Salmon P. Chase (Appointed by Lincoln as Chief Justice of SCOTUS in 1864) and William Dennison. Lincoln’s powerful Secretary of War was Edwin […]

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Last year, when Gov. John Kasich was running for a second term as governor of Ohio, no one who has even half-way followed his career as a politician thought for a second he wasn’t interested in running for president if he got a second term.

Even though he avoided saying whether he would or wouldn’t seek the highest office in the land, all of his moves, then and now, show just how much he and his team have been gearing up for the White House. Prominent among his many problems is that his favorite son cache disappears outside Ohio’s borders.


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