From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What happened to Gov. Kasich’s last promise for a “New Day,” you know, the one he talked about in 2010 where everybody links arms to climb a mountain, then comes together to solve problems without special interest or politics interfering with what the Lord wants us to do?  What happened to his promise that Ohioans from Cuyahoga to Cincinnati, Toledo to Marietta would be happy again, all due to the bounty the governor’s conservative faith-based policies will produce?

One Buckeye State editorial writer judged Mr. Kasich’s so-called “Ohio Miracle” as nonsense. Brent Larkin said “Kasich’s a lousy listener, has an astonishingly short attention span, […]

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It happens as seasonally as the falling leaves in autumn: Another presidential campaign – the current one much too early – a targeted single candidate by an aroused right-wing author, and even a temporary station on the New York Times’ Best Sellers list.

It’s traditional, folks, but with no evidence that the invasive literary onslaught ever works. Need some examples?

In 1964, the Birchers and ad hoc fringe historians vengefully went after Lyndon Johnson with J. Evetts Haley’s anti-communist diatribe “Texan looks at Lyndon” – an acidic volume that reportedly sold more copies in Texas than the Bible. Haley was […]

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