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With only 587 days left until Americans vote for their next president, a new swing-state poll released Tuesday by Quinnipiac University offers the latest dose of good and bad news for Democrats and Republicans. The good news for Democrats is that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, should she be the party’s nominee, still beats the field of possible 2016 GOP challengers even though her margins of victory are down in critical states like Ohio, Florida and Pennsylvania.

Hillary Down But Still Up

The good news for Republicans is that their on-going attacks on her over emails are moving the […]

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As hell was breaking loose over Indiana’s “religious freedom” law, Ohio Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine was busily doing what has come naturally to him in his mission to keep Ohioans, eh… morally straight: He filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court arguing that same-sex marriage had “no fundamental right” in the Buckeye State.

As we all know by now, DeWine is passionate about warding off trending human relationships. It is further evidence that the AG as well as other conservative politicians in Columbus serve at the pleasure of the religious right, beginning with the guy at the top: Gov. […]

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Former two-term President Bill Clinton, whose wife beats any Republican for the White House should she be the party’s nominee in 2016, endorsed Ted Strickland for the U.S. Senate Tuesday.

“Ted Strickland offers a unique blend of qualities we need more of in Washington today: a proven record of service to hard working Ohioans, energy, determination and idealism,” President Clinton said today in prepared remarks. “He knows how to reach across the aisle to find common ground and when Ohioans need him to stand his ground. No one will care more, know more, and work harder for better opportunities […]

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One thing appears certain for next school year — the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) will once again undergo changes.  With the second year of the statewide implementation of the system not even finished, the Ohio General Assembly is already working to change the rules for year three.  While teachers and principals are still acclimating to the changes adopted last summer, they can all expect to arrive back in August to a process that will look different.  The only question at this point is how different?

Multiple pieces of legislation making their way through the Ohio House and Senate contain […]

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As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stood aside Benajmin Netanyahu in Israel for a back-home photo-op, it left no doubt that the Republican gang on Capitol Hill had added Bibi to their new rank of honorary Jewish member. In the Senate the newly elected Israeli leader would feel rather isolated inasmuch as there are no other Jewish Republicans. (Democrats have 10, plus Bernie Sanders, an independent) ) Speaker John Boehner, who also is a big-time Schmoozer with Netanyahu, can claim one Jewish congressman – New York’s Lee Zeldin) in his household. (Democrats have 21!)

What’s the matter with this head […]

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You know the fun’s going to come in Ohio’s race for U.S. Senate when it’s only March 2015 and you’re already being treated to melting-clock surrealism.

When President George W. Bush’s old budget management director is pitching himself as the candidate of the future, the very fabric of space-time begins to warp. If he starts campaigning with Jeb, break out your flux capacitors, folks, I think we’re gonna get this bad baby up to 88 mph.

Robert Jones Portman, U.S. Senator, must’ve had a fit of the jellies reading about the opposition talking about the future at an Ohio Democratic Dinner Friday night.


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Two Oregon men belonging to a Native American church were terminated from their jobs in violation of the employer’s drug policies because they had consumed peyote, a hallucinogenic substance that is consumed in accordance with Native American spiritual practices. The men took the case to the United States Supreme Court to argue that their termination and subsequent denial of unemployment compensation violated their First Amendment freedom of religion rights as applied to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment. In what was essentially a 6-3 judgment against the men, the Court held the prohibition against consuming peyote was generally applied […]

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Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has been fumbling around in the swamp ever since he crossed the Rubicon by signing a discriminatory anti-gay law. Julius Caesar had the good sense that his rash ill-fated decision would not go well and declared “Alea iacta est” – the die is cast. But with a trapped look, Pence has been in a full damage-control mode to insist he meant no affront to gays when he set out to protect religious liberty with his approval of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act ( Who thinks up these titles?).

Whether warding off direct hits on ABC’s […]

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John Kasich was in New Hampshire this weekend on his pre-presidential campaign tour and he landed himself a spot on a local political talk show where he was asked some softball questions about world events.  Kasich used the opportunity to show New Hampshire and the world just how unprepared he is for any serious discussion on foreign policy.

When asked about the threat from Russia, Kasich replied that the situation with “the Soviet Union and Putin” is “very concerning” and that we “have to convince our European friends like the Germans, the French… that we need tough sanctions.”

A couple of […]

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If the new Ohio Democratic Party [ODP] can match future election results to the rousing rhetoric delivered Friday evening, the White House win they hope to pull off again in two years could cascade to 2018 when Ohio’s all-Republican statewide officeholders, from governor to General Assembly, become term-limited and present open race opportunities across the board.

About 850 Democratic faithful packed the Athenaeum Friday night in downtown Columbus to hear the party’s new dual vanguard, David Pepper from Cincinnati and Nina Turner from Cleveland, outline what they called their “16-18” plan to build a better party infrastructure that can perform at […]

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The awful deed to limit voting in Ohio is nearly done. It’s the rider snuck into the state transportation budget late in the game that would weigh heavily on out-of-state college students who want to vote in Ohio. It’s all part of the ongoing Republican fears of non-existent voter fraud – a red herring to help the GOP at the polls.

The new language in the bill will have these students convert to an Ohio driver’s license, register their cars with Ohio plates and assume a few other costs that would raise their out-of-pocket expenses to an estimated $100.

May […]

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