From the daily archives: Monday, March 30, 2015

As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stood aside Benajmin Netanyahu in Israel for a back-home photo-op, it left no doubt that the Republican gang on Capitol Hill had added Bibi to their new rank of honorary Jewish member. In the Senate the newly elected Israeli leader would feel rather isolated inasmuch as there are no other Jewish Republicans. (Democrats have 10, plus Bernie Sanders, an independent) ) Speaker John Boehner, who also is a big-time Schmoozer with Netanyahu, can claim one Jewish congressman – New York’s Lee Zeldin) in his household. (Democrats have 21!)

What’s the matter with this head […]

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You know the fun’s going to come in Ohio’s race for U.S. Senate when it’s only March 2015 and you’re already being treated to melting-clock surrealism.

When President George W. Bush’s old budget management director is pitching himself as the candidate of the future, the very fabric of space-time begins to warp. If he starts campaigning with Jeb, break out your flux capacitors, folks, I think we’re gonna get this bad baby up to 88 mph.

Robert Jones Portman, U.S. Senator, must’ve had a fit of the jellies reading about the opposition talking about the future at an Ohio Democratic Dinner Friday night.


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Two Oregon men belonging to a Native American church were terminated from their jobs in violation of the employer’s drug policies because they had consumed peyote, a hallucinogenic substance that is consumed in accordance with Native American spiritual practices. The men took the case to the United States Supreme Court to argue that their termination and subsequent denial of unemployment compensation violated their First Amendment freedom of religion rights as applied to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment. In what was essentially a 6-3 judgment against the men, the Court held the prohibition against consuming peyote was generally applied […]

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