From the daily archives: Friday, March 13, 2015

Last month, national Democrats picked Philadelphia over Columbus for their 2016 national convention. In one poll after another, that nominee, widely expected to be Hillary Clinton, beats the GOP field of aspiring White House dwellers.

Some insiders have suggested that the decision was partially due to Columbus’ mainstream newspaper and its long history of allegiance to Republicans in general and Gov. John Kasich in particular. There is little doubt The Columbus Dispatch would print all it could to trash Democrats and their future White House nominee from its front row seat at 34 South Third Street. Gov. Kasich, who won […]

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We might have guessed. The Arshinkoff Party, lightly known as the once-moderate Summit County Republican Party, has poked deeply into the conservatives’ prized Speakers Bureau for its Lincoln (!) Day Dinner on March 28. I refer to Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan who represents the Fourth Congressional District that weirdly stretches across Ohio from Lima to the lake. (See the district map sheltering a Republican congressman that was sculpted with the precision of Leonardo’s David.)

Jordan is the chairman of the House Freedom Committee, and when you see the word freedom in a title, no further explanation is needed to define […]

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