From the daily archives: Friday, March 27, 2015

The awful deed to limit voting in Ohio is nearly done. It’s the rider snuck into the state transportation budget late in the game that would weigh heavily on out-of-state college students who want to vote in Ohio. It’s all part of the ongoing Republican fears of non-existent voter fraud – a red herring to help the GOP at the polls.

The new language in the bill will have these students convert to an Ohio driver’s license, register their cars with Ohio plates and assume a few other costs that would raise their out-of-pocket expenses to an estimated $100.

May […]

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For a politician who has spent decades in the public eye as a high-paid government employee—18 of them in Congress and eight-plus so far in Ohio—Kasich’s continuing peek-a-boo campaign to land the title of GOP presidential nominee in 2016 relies on vague answers coupled with his standard battle cry to reform.

Following up on their successful efforts last year to scuttle Kasich’s Democratic opponent’s campaign, Kasich’s friendly camp-followers have trailed him of late to early primary states South Carolina and New Hampshire. At these spring-training gatherings, the governor brings his special blend of political theater. Ohioans know it all to well […]

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State Rep. Theresa Fedor, D-Toledo, put on an inspiring display of courage this week in arguing that women must be in charge of their own personal medical decisions and not be critically limited in options by governmental interference. She knows, you see, she’s been there.

Ohio Republicans were on their third try at “heartbeat bill” legislation that would ban abortions once a fetal heart rate can be detected. House Bill 69 eventually passed 55-40 with partisan defections on both side. The Ohio Senate is unlikely to do anything with it, having refused to do anything with it two years ago.

In arguing […]

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