John Kasich was in New Hampshire this weekend on his pre-presidential campaign tour and he landed himself a spot on a local political talk show where he was asked some softball questions about world events.  Kasich used the opportunity to show New Hampshire and the world just how unprepared he is for any serious discussion on foreign policy.

When asked about the threat from Russia, Kasich replied that the situation with “the Soviet Union and Putin” is “very concerning” and that we “have to convince our European friends like the Germans, the French… that we need tough sanctions.”

A couple of quick notes about that response:

1. Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia, not the Soviet Union, which dissolved on December 25th, 1991.

2. The US and EU have jointly put in place three rounds of increasingly more restrictive sanctions against Russia, the first has been in place for over a year.

Earlier this month Kasich defended his lack of foreign policy experience by pointing out that he was a member of the House Armed Services committee for all 18 years he served in Congress from 1983 to 2001.   It seems he must have missed the hearing where they talked about the Soviet Union um… not existing anymore!

As far as having no clue about the existing sanctions, I guess we can chalk that one up to the fact that he doesn’t read newspapers?

Here’s the video.  Enjoy!