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For a politician who has spent decades in the public eye as a high-paid government employee—18 of them in Congress and eight-plus so far in Ohio—Kasich’s continuing peek-a-boo campaign to land the title of GOP presidential nominee in 2016 relies on vague answers coupled with his standard battle cry to reform.

Following up on their successful efforts last year to scuttle Kasich’s Democratic opponent’s campaign, Kasich’s friendly camp-followers have trailed him of late to early primary states South Carolina and New Hampshire. At these spring-training gatherings, the governor brings his special blend of political theater. Ohioans know it all to well […]

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State Rep. Theresa Fedor, D-Toledo, put on an inspiring display of courage this week in arguing that women must be in charge of their own personal medical decisions and not be critically limited in options by governmental interference. She knows, you see, she’s been there.

Ohio Republicans were on their third try at “heartbeat bill” legislation that would ban abortions once a fetal heart rate can be detected. House Bill 69 eventually passed 55-40 with partisan defections on both side. The Ohio Senate is unlikely to do anything with it, having refused to do anything with it two years ago.

In arguing […]

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COLUMBUS—Allies who commonly support the Obama Administration offered sharp criticism of an upcoming trade plan at a town hall meeting Wednesday night, insisting it could cost American workers jobs and undermine Wall Street and environmental reforms.

The two-hour meeting featured a half-dozen speakers who each advised Congress not to support the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement, a complex treaty to govern international trade among the United States and a dozen other nations. As a group, these nations control more than 40 percent of global trade.

“Ohioans would be well served to look at the catastrophic results of recent such arrangements,’’ […]

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Reporters who have traveled with Gov. Kasich on his national stand-up stage tour have quoted him as warming up  to  “people’s problems”.  Here’s how Kasich, a practicing born-again, explained his new concern for the less fortunate during a stop in West Virginia:

“For some reason the Lord has made me more aware of people’s problems.  And I take that awareness seriously.”

Kasich often reminds us that he’s a blue-collar kid from Western Pennsylvania, so you have to wonder why it has taken all of these years to recognize the needs of others.  As a sort-of black-collar witness of the coal […]

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Surrounded by throngs Monday at Liberty University, the largest Evangelical Christian university in the world, Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, as hard-right a Christian as they come, wrapped himself in the constitution, cloaked himself with the flag, and talked as if the Lord’s hands were on him as he did what none of the other dozen or so Republicans who aspire to run and win the presidency in 2016 have had the gumption to do so far.

Pacing around a platform today in Lynchburg at the university founded by the late American evangelical leader Jerry Falwell, Sen. Cruz, […]

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The Ohio Ballot Board decided last Friday to approve a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution that would legalize and regulate the growth and sale of marijuana. Other more progressive states have done it with great success, that can positively impact government spending at all levels, from law enforcement to corrections to job training and more.

ResponsibleOhio, the advocacy group behind the campaign, praised the approval of its Marijuana Legalization Amendment. “The Ballot Board affirmed what we have always known, that the Marijuana Legalization Amendment is a single issue,” said ResponsibleOhio Spokesperson Lydia Bolander in a statement today. “We will move […]

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Continuing his peek-a-boo campaign for president in New Hampshire Tuesday, Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich was exactly where he wanted to be, in front of a Republican audience that didn’t know enough about his record in Ohio to know it doesn’t smell as rosy as his carefully crafted narrative implies.

But Gov. Kasich, who refused to debate his main challenger last year and who won fewer than 25-percent of registered voters last fall in the lowest turnout election since World War II, loves to perform his one-man sermon to groups who don’t really know if his story holds up to […]

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If you happened to suffer through Ted Cruz’s mad announcement of his candidacy for president, you have experienced one of the great theatrical performances of modern politics. As a Joe McCarthy figure in appearance and hostility, he also wanted to impress the planet that he’s also a Christian and “Reaganesque “. On that score, he was not only Ted Cruz playing McCarthy but also as Ted Cruz playing Elmer Gantry as we all awaited the parting of the heavens.

Get ready for it, folks, the circus has officially come to town. And in what more hospitable tent than Liberty […]

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When less than half of registered voters actually show up to vote, Ohio Republicans are happy. Voter turnout this past November in Ohio was the lowest it’s been since 2007, with 40.65 percent of eligible voters casting ballots, and Republicans cleaned up.

So Presidential election years bring on The Headache for Buckeye State GOPers. What with all the young people and minority populations showing up to participate in their self-governance, Republicans are inconvenienced with having to worry about appealing to a wide spectrum of voters: Total frekin’ bummer, man.

And they don’t do so well at it, losing the state twice to […]

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Gov. John Kasich has done the impossible: United Democrats, Republicans and Independents. A solid majority of each views his tax-shift plan as bad idea.

Just one-quarter of Ohio voters support the proposal to slash income tax rates but increase the rate and scope of the sales tax, with support dropping and opposition skyrocketing once the plan’s details are divulged, according to a new poll released today.

The poll found that 62% of Ohioans are opposed to the biggest suggested shift – paying for a reduction in state income taxes with an increase in the state sales tax.

“Ohioans would much […]

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The symbol of one political party is an elephant, known for its size, strength and memory. For modern elephants gone astray or rogue, forgetting is common, so factual reminders are needed to bring their collective memory current.

The following information released today by the White House is the best reminder so far of what the Patient Protection and Affordability Act [ACA] has meant just for Ohio. If you’re an elected Ohio leader who wouldn’t have voted for The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act had you served in Congress five years ago, or who have attacked it since as a […]

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