As Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell stood aside Benajmin Netanyahu in Israel for a back-home photo-op, it left no doubt that the Republican gang on Capitol Hill had added Bibi to their new rank of honorary Jewish member. In the Senate the newly elected Israeli leader would feel rather isolated inasmuch as there are no other Jewish Republicans. (Democrats have 10, plus Bernie Sanders, an independent) ) Speaker John Boehner, who also is a big-time Schmoozer with Netanyahu, can claim one Jewish congressman – New York’s Lee Zeldin) in his household. (Democrats have 21!)

What’s the matter with this head count as these GOP leaders conspire with Netanyahu to destroy any hope of a nuclear arms deal with Iran? Actually, the truth lies in the fact that for Republicans it is (1) further evidence of the party’s malignant hatred of President Obama and (2) an unspoken business deal to channel Jewish money into their campaign treasury even though they have only one elected Jewish member of Congress.

But if you want the other side of the story of the Bibi guy you might want to read David Remnick’s put-down essay in the March 30 New Yorker, which casts the Israeli leader as an unstable fear-mongering”racist” who flipped out in the final moments of his recent election.

“He warned darkly of ‘left-wing people from outside’, including perfidious Scandinavians’ and tens of millions of dollars being used to ‘mobilize the Arab vote”, Remnick writes. “Pro-Likud phone banks reminded voters that Netanyahu’s opponents had the support of ‘Hussein Obama'”.
Netanyahu, a gifted liar who both opposes and supports a two-state policy for Palestine, didn’t hesitate to strike fear in the voters, particularly when he shamefully declared that “right-wing rule is in danger. Arab voters are coming out in droves to the polls.” (Arabs are 20 pct. of Israel’s citizenry) .

Droves? My common definition is that droves are animals.

So this is the guy that the Republican big shots on Capitol Hill have chosen to embrace to close the business deal. Is that how McConnell and Boehner, the latter off to Israel soon for another photo-opped suck-up to Bibi, want Americans to believe they can govern? But will they also anger Israelis by mentioning that the GOP’s top-loaded political base insists that Jews can’t go to Heaven without converting to Christianity? Please. I didn’t make that up.

With friends like that, Israel doesn’t need any more enemies, thank you.