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Cliff Rosenberger made it to the Cleveland City Club podium Friday as the new Ohio House Speaker, splashing about a lot of cliches about how he plans to deliver the state into the future. The Plain Dealer covered the visit by the 33-year-old Clarksville Republican that dealt almost entirely with Gov. Kasich’s proposed tax reforms – or not – and the need for bipartisan support from the handful of Democrats in the legislature.

The PD’s report could easily be summed up by his non-committed views on these matters that went this way:

“Rosenberger told the City Club that he […]

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Kardashian To Senate Podium?

On February 26, 2015 By

As national media reports arrive that the two sullen Republican leaders on Capitol Hill – Sen. McConnell and Rep. John Boehner – haven’t spoken to each other in two weeks because of differences that could shut down the government, there is unconfirmed speculation that there are other critical issues that separate the two.

Seething over Boehner’s purely private lone wolf decision to invite Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address Congress, McConnell reportedly is considering inviting Kim Kardashian to speak to the Senate in hope that a wardrobe malfunction will arouse the Republican caucus from its slumber. A McConnell ally […]

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OK, I did survive it. Gov. Kasich’s hour-long lecture on Tax Cuts 101, I mean, in his State of the State address to an audience of more than a thousand mostly white guys in black suits in Wilmington. I hung around to watch the live transmission on TV because that’s what I do in my never-spare time. The follow-up of the PBS documentary The Italians made viewing worthwhile again.

About the speech: with the governor’s defiantly protruding lower lip pointed at the seated following, he repeatedly rambled through his version of the evils of taxation. And when he mentioned that […]

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It would be hard to differentiate Tuesday night’s State Of the State Speech in Wilmington from the previous four Gov. Kasich has delivered in as many years. It would be easy, however, to have fallen asleep for the better part of the hour it took him to deliver it and have essentially missed nothing of note from the same syrupy sermon on economics and job creation he is expert at delivering.

In the world of John Kasich, built over decades by his handlers and those who surround him as protectors and purveyors of his brand of corprocratic mumbo-jumbo, the State of […]

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For the past few years, teachers of reading and math at grades 4-8 have received value-added ratings based on the collective performance of their classes of students, with those ratings being used as a key part of their individual evaluation ratings under the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System for the past two.  While most people understand that the ratings are generated from calculations based on state test results, the exact process by which teachers obtain these ratings is often misunderstood.

Teachers are supposed to participate in an online process called “Roster Verification” or “Linkage” each spring.  Through Roster Verification, teachers are given the […]

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Gov. John Kasich has long believed in the theory that tax cuts stimulate the economy and produce jobs, so much so that he’s made a religion out of it. Tonight in Wilmington he’ll deliver more economic homilies on the power of income tax cuts to lift everyone up no matter their circumstances, a promise he made to voters last fall, when he promised his second term would be the best to come. His Tuesday night address to a joint session of the legislature in hard-hit and slow-recovering Wilmington is the latest in his series of off-road State of the State Speeches. […]

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John Michael Spinelli has been covering Ohio politics for a very long time.  The former credentialed Ohio statehouse journalist worked for the Hannah News Service, but now bills himself as “one of Ohio’s leading independent reporters,” recently contributing to the Columbus Government Examiner and AllVoices.  He also happens to write for Plunderbund, and it seems this fact has not only gotten Spinelli removed from Governor Kasich’s press list but also banned from covering Kasich’s latest State of the State speech in Wilmington, Ohio tomorrow.

Kasich Spokesman Rob Nichols contacted Spinelli earlier today to let him know that he was being denied credentials to tomorrow’s speech.  When […]

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What I Would Say to Governor Kasich About Wilmington
by Kelsey Swindler

Welcome to Wilmington, Governor Kasich.  We look forward to hearing what you have to say when you give your State of the State speech in my hometown on Tuesday.

My name is Kelsey Swindler.  I am a candidate for City Council in the November Municipal election.

I am also one of those under-30 “millennials” you may have read so much about.  My family has called Wilmington home for over a century, it was my choice to return to Wilmington after college. I started my career here, I […]

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Former Ohio House speaker William Batchelder, whose cupboard was never bare in the 38 years that he spent in the legislature, is back, filling out his retirement days by taking care of the same business. He just doesn’t want anybody to think that he really is doing what he seems to be doing, complete with his familiar jolly disposition..

As the Beacon Journal’s Doug Livingston reported on Saturday, the Republican conservative, who was term-limited from his old job in December, will be teaching law and politics at the University of Akron and Cleveland State. But that’s only part of […]

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Recently retired House Speaker Bill Batchelder has long marketed himself as a fiscal hawk, legal scholar and a man of principle.  Critics have long maintained he is none of the above. Last week he proved them right.

The man who led efforts to cut programs for the poor and taxes for the rich never championed the cause of ending double dipping – the practice that allows public employees to work long enough to qualify for a pension, collect it, then go get another public sectors job.

Batchelder, a Republican from Medina, has mastered the art of double-dipping.

He was a […]

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Earlier this week John Kasich told a reporter from the Washington Post that the U.S. needs “boots on the ground” to defeat ISIS in the Middle East.

Fair enough.

There’s no question that ISIS is a threat to global security and the economic well-being of the U.S. and the world.

However, Kasich’s comments were made during an interview about his signature 2016 presidential campaign theme: a federal balanced budget amendment that would cap federal spending at levels of expected federal revenue.

Here’s the obvious follow up question WaPo didn’t ask wannabe president Kasich: “If the U.S. did pass a federal […]

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