From the daily archives: Friday, February 20, 2015

At the start of Gov. John Kasich’s first term, he called one prominent Ohio educator the state’s best politician, a high compliment, indeed, coming from a master politician who still dreams of being president soon. Ohio’s head of state bestowed this honorific declaration on none other than the bow-tied and bespeckled one, Elwood Gorden Gee, former president of The Ohio State University, whom the governor smiled down upon by appointing him to his hand-picked board at JobsOhio, the secret billion dollar baby that has yet to deliver jobs in any real quantity and has fallen short of even […]

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As Gov. John “Sunny” Kasich’s budget proposal wobbles forward, he may come to realize that with friends like the Plain Dealer, he will have to hunker down before more enemies. That reality burst onto the media scene in the PD’s full page blast at the governor’s nearly $1 billion sweetness-and- light plan for charter schools.

With a commanding depiction of swirling $100 bills, the paper roared: Charter schools can expect a tsunami of cash “while traditional public schools resources ebb.”

“The governor’ plan would continue the cannibalization of Ohio’s public schools,” the paper observed. . “That’s especially so since […]

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