What I Would Say to Governor Kasich About Wilmington
by Kelsey Swindler

Welcome to Wilmington, Governor Kasich.  We look forward to hearing what you have to say when you give your State of the State speech in my hometown on Tuesday.

My name is Kelsey Swindler.  I am a candidate for City Council in the November Municipal election.

I am also one of those under-30 “millennials” you may have read so much about.  My family has called Wilmington home for over a century, it was my choice to return to Wilmington after college. I started my career here, I bought a home here, and this year, I’m getting married here. I am committed to Wilmington, and I have a lot at stake in its future.

The City of Wilmington is steadfast in its determination to recover from the damage caused during the Great Recession.  Everybody from Glenn Beck to 60 Minutes has told the story of how Wilmington lost 8000 jobs.  I don’t need to repeat it here.

We are pleased you have come here to highlight our high quality of life.  A good life made possible because of the community’s commitment to providing good schools and the resources our police and fire and other public servants need.

So permit me to be frank for a moment.  I know you will claim credit for helping to bring a few hundred jobs back to Wilmington, like you did when you visited here last June. The truth is different than the rhetoric.  Wilmington has a bright future despite – not because of – your policies.  We are relying on many of our own innovative, grassroots, resources to develop economic development solutions based on local assets and local resources.

The biggest damage you continue to cause Wilmington is from your cuts to local governments.  Some estimates are that Clinton County has lost about $4.5 million from your policies, including cuts to the local government fund. Many of these cuts to local government were enacted so that you can promote state tax cuts.

The people of many small cities will never see your tax cuts, because we have to make up the money to keep our city operating in other ways.  This hits home very clearly and obviously in Wilmington.  While State taxes overall are down, our Republican Mayor, Randy Riley, has recently proposed an earnings tax hike to pay for street repairs.

I hope you can find time to speak with me when you are in town.  You can message me on Twitter here:  @kelseyswindler  I will buy the first round at the General Denver or the coffee at Kava House.  I will give you the perspective of someone with deep roots in the Wilmington community.  I am the daughter of third-generation family business owners. I spent my childhood in my family’s florist and greenhouse, and I learned how to work hard and solve problems, when to make sacrifices, how to treat people with respect.  I learned how to balance a budget.  I also learned the value of investing in the community servant leadership.

I have a lot to share with you.


KelseySwindlerKelsey Swindler is a Democratic Candidate for Wilmington City Council.  She is passionate about the return of young people to rural communities and is committed to making the city of Wilmington a vibrant, sustainable community and economy for decades to come.  She is a 2008 graduate of Wilmington High School and a 2012 Graduate of Wittenberg CollegePlease visit her campaign webpage here.

  • Mike

    Kelsey, I hope you get your meeting face to face, but I would bet that he is unable to have a serious conversation without name calling or straight honest answers for you. I am educated enough to see through all their smoke and mirrors. I made several trips to Columbus, in the cold, to fight for my rights as a fire fighter and for my family. I have witnessed first-hand what he has done to our wallets and our local communities. Local officials aren’t happy, but I’m guessing they’re still voting for the political party that enacted such measures. Maybe if we enacted republican policies only on people that vote republican, we’d see a shift in how people vote. Best of luck to you and your campaign, I think you’ll be a winner.

  • Peg Kelly Jackson

    Kelsey be careful of this man I am from Ohio and I know what he did to the Ohio people when he was a congressman. All you have to do is google his name and you can learn a lot. I am still wondering how he is serving his 2nd term. He sent most of our jobs across the ocean.

  • Sy Colepath

    Kelsey – Good luck in your bid for city council. We need more young people like you that are not in it solely for personal gain.

  • dmoore2222

    This would be a no win for John Kasich so I doubt you’ll ever have that conversation. He’s an expert at insulating himself from anyone who might challenge him. And he has the gall to schedule the SOTS address where his policies have done a lot of harm to local governments and school districts like Wilmington, Lima and Steubenville.

  • Steve Diedrick

    Hasn’t this been the theme of Kasich’s leadership over the last 5 years? Balance the budget on the back of local governments?

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