From the daily archives: Monday, February 9, 2015

John Kasich released his proposed 2016-17 biennium budget early last week.  It includes a “tax reform” plan that would greatly increase Ohio’s sales and cigarette taxes to help fund a decrease in Ohio’s income tax, shifting a greater portion of the state’s tax burden to low and middle income Ohioans.   The plan has received negative reviews from nearly all of Ohio’s papers, pundits and special interest groups on the left and the right – with one exception: The Columbus Dispatch.

The Columbus Dispatch editorial board wrote in favor of Kasich’s tax-shifting plan calling it a “plan for growth” and dismissing the idea that Ohio’s poor would be negatively […]

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Even the capital city’s historically right-leaning newspaper, which has carried enough water for Gov. Kasich over the years to fill Lake Erie, dared publish a headline wondering why their current favorite son’s school funding plan is so puzzling to so many. Pretzel logic—twisted inside and out then half-baked to appear to make sense—is no stranger to Gov. Kasich. He’s adhered to his magical thinking over the long course of his lucrative career, which helps explain why he’s been more wrong than right, as any trip down memory lane shows.

In it’s latest adoration of the magical, the only newspaper […]

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