From the daily archives: Saturday, February 7, 2015

From the Onion, the media voice through whose halls all news is worth satirizing, comes word of a unique project to prepare all of the Republican presidential wannabes for their paths to glory..

It is the full-scale replica of a fake “struggling Ohio town” of Stocktonville that is set somewhere in Central Montana. It is inhabited by 33,000 actors who have been coached to portray middle-class Americans such as small-business owners and auto workers. The idea is to teach the candidates how to respond when they meet these unfamiliar folks along the campaign trail.

The Onion “quotes” Republican national […]

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Ohio news is chock full of headlines that prominently patronize Gov. John Kasich in one way or another, now that he’s released his latest two budgets, the largest in state history. This is, of course, high irony given the governor’s so-called bonafides as a fiscal conservative, and his Quixotic crusade to push a federal balanced budget amendment to keep spending in-check in Washington.

It’s a real treasure hunt, then, to find Ohio headlines that inform approximately 600,000 Ohioans they¬†stand to benefit by signing up for or re-enrolling in the Affordable Care Act [ACA] before this year’s February 15th deadline, […]

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