From the daily archives: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Policy Matters Ohio put out a report today confirming what nearly everyone in Ohio already knew: John Kasich’s proposed tax reform plan is a total piece of garbage that is bad for most Ohioans.

According to Policy Matters, “Tax cuts would average $11,906 a year for the top 1 percent” of Ohio’s tax payers under Kasich’s proposed tax “reform” plan.  “The bottom 60 percent, on average, would see increases” of up $116 a year.   In total, 80% of Ohioans would see zero change or a tax increase under Kasich’s proposed plan.

This budget, like all of Kasich’s other budgets, […]

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In Ohio, 202,379 people are signed up for coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, The Department of Health and Human Servcies reported last week on a conference call with invited reporters. Nearly 7.5 million consumers selected a plan or were automatically re-enrolled through the platform as of Jan. 30, 2015.

Localized data from HHS offered another level of detail to better understand total plan selections within local communities ahead of the Feb. 15 deadline. As of Jan. 30 –

41,837 consumers in the Cleveland-Elyria, OH local area selected or were automatically enrolled in a plan. 32,827 consumers in […]

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