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The apparent answer is a resounding YES.

We’ve had numerous readers contact us to share what they have discovered while looking at the publicly available PARCC practice reading tests, and the information is appalling.  Using an online tool — — we followed-up on readers’ tips and have independently analyzed the reading levels of every single passage on all of the PARCC practice reading tests.  Our analysis reveals that the majority of the passages are above the grade level for which the test is designed.  With the actual PARCC assessments hidden from public view, this analysis is all that can be […]

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John Kasich just appointed another Republican to the five-member Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO), even though state law requires no more than three members of the commission can belong to same political party.  In his quest to control the commission and crush Ohio’s renewable energy standards, Kasich has shown just how easy it is to circumvent this law and use the PUCO to promote his highly-partisan agenda.    State Rep. David Leland of Columbus has proposed new legislation that could help fix the problem.

Besides appointing Republican climate change deniers like Todd Snitchler to the PUCO, Kasich has also appointed Republicans posing as Independents. […]

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At the start of Gov. John Kasich’s first term, he called one prominent Ohio educator the state’s best politician, a high compliment, indeed, coming from a master politician who still dreams of being president soon. Ohio’s head of state bestowed this honorific declaration on none other than the bow-tied and bespeckled one, Elwood Gorden Gee, former president of The Ohio State University, whom the governor smiled down upon by appointing him to his hand-picked board at JobsOhio, the secret billion dollar baby that has yet to deliver jobs in any real quantity and has fallen short of even […]

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As Gov. John “Sunny” Kasich’s budget proposal wobbles forward, he may come to realize that with friends like the Plain Dealer, he will have to hunker down before more enemies. That reality burst onto the media scene in the PD’s full page blast at the governor’s nearly $1 billion sweetness-and- light plan for charter schools.

With a commanding depiction of swirling $100 bills, the paper roared: Charter schools can expect a tsunami of cash “while traditional public schools resources ebb.”

“The governor’ plan would continue the cannibalization of Ohio’s public schools,” the paper observed. . “That’s especially so since […]

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While Gov. Kasich was doing his sunny Project Runway cameo in South Carolina, the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index reported today that Ohioans hardly share his widely touted Ohio Miracle. Indeed, the Buckeye state finished 47th in the survey, just ahead of Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia. Might have been even worse, but didn’t Ohio State just win the national collegiate football championship?

Each of the 50 states were rated in the 2014 poll from more than 176,000 interviews based on five “essential elements of well-being”, Gallup said. These included “motivation to achieve goals… positive social relationships… economic satisfaction……feeling safe and […]

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Gov. John Kasich enjoyed a good week following the release of new numbers from Quinnipiac University showing a plurality of Ohioans support him and think his final term will be good for the state. Following the release of his executive budget, which at $72.3 billion dwarfs any previous state budget, Gov. Kasich, a bottom-dweller on a list of potential GOP candidates who want to run for president in 2016, has been on the offensive around Ohio to defend his pricey budget. The biggest spending package by far, the governor’s third budget took quick flack from Democrats and from a […]

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Hundreds of thousands of Ohioans became eligible under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act to access federal subsidies for private healthcare company premiums, but they could find those high-cost premium teeth biting into them again if the U.S. Supreme Court rules later this year that states like Ohio, which let the federal government run its healthcare marketplace, can no longer participate.

Burwell v King, the case the high court will hear March 4, would only allow the 13 states who set up their own healthcare care to continue to enjoy continued relief from ever-rising private healthcare policies. When OhioNewsBureau […]

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State Senator Chris Widener’s Twitter account is something to behold!

His Twitter profile description appears to have been ripped straight from some Tea Party dating website (OKStupid?), with claims that he is a “Conservative” and an “Outdoorsman” and someone who is working to “Support tax payers” and “connect job seekers – employers.”

Dating jokes aside, it’s clear this account is not personal since his Tweets are almost always related to senate business, and his profile provides a link to his official Ohio Senate webpage.

Oddly, according to Twitter, Plunderbund has been “blocked from following @ChrisWidenerOH and viewing @ChrisWidenerOH’s Tweets.”

It’s true that we’ve written about State Senator […]

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Republicans oppose President Obama’s immigration plan because…

(1) Latinos are not skilled in working as greeters at Sam’s Club

(2) More Taco Bells would force Chick-fil-A into bankruptcy

(3) Major League baseball teams already have too many shortstops on their rosters

(4) The illegals’ buttocks are bulging with diseased cantaloupes

Republicans oppose same-sex marriage because…

(1) Most have no idea how gays do it in bed

(2) God is reacting to the rise of such abominable unions by casting a measles plague on America with gay locusts

(3) If Obama supports it, it must be bad

(4) Polls […]

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On Sunday we detailed many of the major changes that school districts will be forced to change surrounding the implementation of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES).  Those changes would be onerous and certainly untimely for school districts as they are not likely to be officially adopted until some time this summer.  Such a late adoption of the sweeping changes will once again leave school districts scrambling and leave teachers and administrators questioning what, exactly, the latest iteration of the OTES actually is in practice.

There are, however, two positive(?) changes to the evaluation system that, while still leaving school districts […]

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John Kasich on Language: Educators, Superintendents and Politicians
by Denis Smith

Ohio Governor John Kasich has a way with words. Without resorting to understatement, let’s just say that with his practice of oral communication, he is certainly no Prince Charming.

In January 2011, just weeks into his term as the state’s chief executive, he gave a speech to a group of state employees in which he described an encounter with a police officer in 2008. Kasich used the word “idiot” three times to characterize the officer who ticketed him for failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.  Following an […]

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