From the daily archives: Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It would be hard to differentiate Tuesday night’s State Of the State Speech in Wilmington from the previous four Gov. Kasich has delivered in as many years. It would be easy, however, to have fallen asleep for the better part of the hour it took him to deliver it and have essentially missed nothing of note from the same syrupy sermon on economics and job creation he is expert at delivering.

In the world of John Kasich, built over decades by his handlers and those who surround him as protectors and purveyors of his brand of corprocratic mumbo-jumbo, the State of […]

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For the past few years, teachers of reading and math at grades 4-8 have received value-added ratings based on the collective performance of their classes of students, with those ratings being used as a key part of their individual evaluation ratings under the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System for the past two.  While most people understand that the ratings are generated from calculations based on state test results, the exact process by which teachers obtain these ratings is often misunderstood.

Teachers are supposed to participate in an online process called “Roster Verification” or “Linkage” each spring.  Through Roster Verification, teachers are given the […]

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Gov. John Kasich has long believed in the theory that tax cuts stimulate the economy and produce jobs, so much so that he’s made a religion out of it. Tonight in Wilmington he’ll deliver more economic homilies on the power of income tax cuts to lift everyone up no matter their circumstances, a promise he made to voters last fall, when he promised his second term would be the best to come. His Tuesday night address to a joint session of the legislature in hard-hit and slow-recovering Wilmington is the latest in his series of off-road State of the State Speeches. […]

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