From the daily archives: Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thank you, Republicans, for achieving your long sought goal of trashing government. The product of a revolution declared 239 years ago, when American patriots threw off the shackles of a monarchy for government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” the centerpiece of the greatest democracy in the world, is now held in such low regard by so many.

America was at its best when its government was at its best. Those days were last seen when the nation pulled together in the 1930s to climb out of the worst economic disaster in its history.  Then again in […]

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Gov. Kasich’s virtual presidential campaign, it says here, will transport him to New Hampshire on March 24 for a meet-and-greet Politics and Eggs breakfast. That is, unless he changes his mind and heads to another state instead.

Sounds silly, I know, but when one is running a non-dimensional virtual camapaign it’s hard to say where he will turn up next. So far he’s splashed down in South Carolina and Las Vegas, the latter visit nearly a year ago to pay his highest respects to billionaire casino king Sheldon Adelson.

We heard a lot about Adelson during Bibi Netanyahu’s ill-timed […]

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President Barack Obama was joined in Selma, Alabama recently by many officials, dignitaries, and even some of the original marchers including George Congressman John Lewis to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

That watershed federal legislation, which some of the brave marchers in Selma in 1965 died to bring to the forefront, was designed to remove structural and practical barriers to voting, especially for African-Americans and others of color. But that historic legislation has come under attack by a right-of-center U.S. Supreme Court that thinks the voting hurdles put in place by slave states […]

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Tax season must be hell for John Kasich. Hunched over his W-2’s pained and frowning, Line 17 haunts the governor: State income tax withheld. How many rounds of golf has that line stolen from him? How many filets has he foregone? How long must he suffer?

Kasich will do just about anything to destroy that terrible Line 17 once and for all, and whatever devastation is visited upon others as a consequence, well, them’s the breaks, because Line 17 must go, at any cost.

From the Columbus Dispatch:

A high-school senior in a wheelchair faced state lawmakers yesterday, […]

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