From the daily archives: Friday, April 17, 2015

“We have a quite disappointing Ohio employment report this morning from ODJFS and BLS,” reported an expert who follows job creation numbers religiously. According to Cleveland-based research analyst George Zeller, Ohio gained only 1,500 jobs in March based on new figures released this morning. At the same time, Zeller notes that the February Ohio job figure released last month was revised downward by 2,100 this morning.

March 2015 was the 29th consecutive month when Ohio’s job growth rate was below the USA national average, a fact few media outlets will even mention. And when  Gov. Kasich appears on Full Story...

Dopers, smokers, midnight tokers, lend me thine bloodshot eyes.

We push ever-closer toward legalizing the devil’s lettuce in Ohio.

Did you know that there are in fact four different proposals to legalize the use of marijuana to some extent or another, two in 2015 and two in 2016?

While some proposals, in my opinion, are better than others, all are better than the status quo.

I’m going to skip the whole bit about arguing the numerous points why weed prohibition is arbitrary, wasteful, needlessly limiting (both medicinally and economically), and hopelessly absurd.

The case has been made and proved time and again. The […]

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Last month, Auditor Dave “At Least I’m Not Mike DeWine” Yost announced that his Office would conduct “sunshine audits” of any public entity in the state to check for violations of the Ohio Public Records Act.

Sure, it was some obvious political grandstanding during “Sunshine Week.”  But with all the crazy shit the Republicans in the Legislature have been threatening to do recently, we will take our small victories for sanity where we can find them.

The Response of the Republican Leadership to Yost’s efforts:  “This Sanity Shall Not Stand.”

Under the program, Ohio residents can complain that […]

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