From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

It’s not news to those who follow labor markets that the erosion of collective bargaining has undercut wages and benefits not only for union members, but for nonunion workers as well. This has been a major cause of middle-class income stagnation and rising inequality, according to an Economic Policy Institute [EPI] report called “The Benefits of Collective Bargaining, An Antidote to Wage Decline and Inequality.”

Heyday Gone Astray

In the heyday of post World War II,  government policy encouraged the growth of unions and labor advanced such that 40 percent of all workers were members of a union and full-time workers […]

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On no uncertain terms, Gov Kasich says he has no interest of being a vice president. At least that’s what he told Gloria Borger on CNN. It shouldn’t surprise anybody. I’ve never seen him as a guy taking orders from anybody else if you leave God out of the picture.

To confirm his ascendancy, he says he doesn’t even know what vice presidents do. So he’s determined to be an all-or-nothing guy to the White House in the expanding Republican universe of rising and collapsing stars.

And if he must return home unheralded from his intensive itinerary of glad-handing and […]

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