From the daily archives: Friday, April 10, 2015

It’s so appropriate that in the week that Economist magazine carried a glowing obituary of leading fantasy author Sir Terry Pratchett, one of America’s leading fantasists, Dick Cheney, went on another rant. It may be rude to link fantasies here. Pratchett, after all, wrote books that sold in the millions (in 37 languages), a series featuring oddly named characters and events brought together in his literary conception of Discworld. A man of humor, Pratchett even brushed off talk that he had found God. Unlikely, he said, because he couldn’t even find his keys.

On the other hand, Cheney, a […]

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Ohio currently denies same-sex couples the right to marry and leaves the opportunity open for employers and proprietors to discriminate against gay people at will, which of course they do. Attorney General Mike DeWine is fighting tooth and nail before the U.S. Supreme Court to deny gay people married in other states the right to be named on their partner’s death certificate or their child’s birth certificate.

And that’s all just fine and dandy with Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

“I think we’re doing fine in Ohio. Everybody’s opinion has to be respected in […]

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