From the daily archives: Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ohio Gov. John Kasich likes to brag these days that he’s produced a $2 billion surplus.  He especially likes to make this claim to his dear friends at Fox News where he knows it’s always softball time.  Yet no one quite knows what he did and he doesn’t have to explain how he supposedly resurrected Ohio from the dead.

His answer would be curious, indeed, now that Ohio sleeps with the fishes as one of the last dozen states that have yet to recover their job losses to pre-Great Recession levels.

The answer is simple, and it’s not due to cutting income […]

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There are 144,309 children age 4 in Ohio. Two percent of them are enrolled in preschool, which includes state preschool, Head Start, and special education preschool services, but does not include privately funded or locally funded preschool programs. The percentage enrolled in federal Head Start programs is 12 percent. Five percent are enrolled in special education preschool services. Of the total, 116,712 4-year-olds or about 81 percent are not enrolled in a publicly funded program.

These figures for Ohio are contained in a new report released Tuesday by the U.S Department of Education that details the unmet need among the […]

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I stared mournfully out my bedroom window this morning pondering the rain. As is my habit, I was all set to go for a stroll around town, six-shooters strapped to each hip, shotgun slung across my back, bandoliers criss-crossing my chest: Y’know, ready for a nice walk around the neighborhood.

But that rain! Whatever could I do? You see, I should’ve enjoyed to wear a long raincoat to keep myself and my armaments nice and dry. But I haven’t yet taken my one-day, 8-hour class and paid my $67 for a concealed carry license in Ohio.

I mean, jeesh, eight hours! That’s, […]

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I’ve met Rand Paul, U.S. Senator, only once. He visited Athens while stumping for Mitt Romney in October 2012. I covered his speech at the Athens County Republican Party headquarters.

Rand launched his bid for the White House today. It reminded me of what he had to say when he visited Athens and the unsurprising hypocrisy he’s now undertaken as he positions himself in the 2016 Grand Old Party Presidential Primary Pageant.

Back in 2012, waiting for the man from Kentucky to appear, I was doing my level best not to break out in hives as I overheard […]

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