From the daily archives: Sunday, April 26, 2015

Back in 2009, Republicans blamed former Gov. Ted Strickland for letting NCR move from Dayton to Atlanta. At the time, citizen John Kasich attempted to ridicule his predecessor at a GOP dinner event, claiming that if he was governor “he would have gone to the CEO’s house and ‘that guy couldn’t get out of his driveway because I’d be sitting on the hood of his car.’”

Goodyear Marches to Mexico

Maybe Gov. Kasich should have been sitting on the hood of the car of Goodyear CEO Richard Kramer instead abandoning Ohio and traipsing off to early presidential primary states trying to breath […]

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Have Republican governors given the GOP brand a black eye when it comes to job creation and economic output? A report at Salon out Friday makes a strong case for Yes!

It wasn’t hard to imagine that the brood of Tea Party-inspired governors elected in 2010, when voter turnout was down and anger was up against President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, would flirt with a run for the White House if they won a second term.

Poor Economic Record For Kasich Crowd

For hard-right governors like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, Bobby Jindal in Louisiana and John Kasich in […]

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