From the daily archives: Thursday, April 9, 2015

You may remember State Rep. Ron Maag from such extreme, right-wing legislative efforts as SB5 in 2011 (supporter), the anti-union 2013 bill aimed at killing public sector unions (sponsor), the 2014 third-grade reading guarantee (supporter), the “heartbeat bill” (supporter) and the 2013 bill to put so-called right-to-work on the ballot (sponsor). And let’s not forget the anti-Obamacare bill and the anti-Planned Parenthood stuff.

Yesterday Maag hit a new, all-time low.

In a letter sent to other legislators, Maag revealed that he plans to introduce a bill to allow “any individual who is licensed to […]

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Tax day in America arrives in one week. Many have already filed but many have not. For those who have, the degree of difficulty in accounting for whether you are covered with health insurance was about zero. For those who have yet to file their forms, a week remains to either get covered or pay the legal fine for not having insurance through your employer or through a healthcare market exchange near you.

As another public service to PB readers on issues critical to their health and wallet, don’t ask for whom the healthcare bell tolls, it tolls for thee, if […]

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Ohio Senator Charleta Tavares (D) has introduced Senate Bill 34 that would prohibit school boards from adopting Zero Tolerance policies that ultimately hamper the ability of school administrators and teachers from reaching at-risk children to address their needs on a case-by-case basis.  The adoption of zero tolerance policies often force the hand of school personnel to treat all children and all behavioral problems the same, effectively eliminating their ability to offer students an appropriate form of “due process” and alternate intervention strategies that seek to assist students who may be suffering from extreme behavioral issues.

In many cases, these students need greater […]

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