Now that the Supreme Court has spoken grandly  on two issues so damaging to Mike DeWine’s holy war in Ohio, shouldn’t the attorney general’s friends give him a gold watch and send  his agenda down to a burial mound on the Ohio River?  It would be a major step in ushering the state into the  21st Century.


As you may have heard, the Supremes ruled that Obamacare was the law of the land and also decided that same-sex marriage was OK in all 50 states. Both meteoric decisions struck a fatal blow to DeWine’s own failed reading of the Constitution.  Indeed, when he ran for a second term in 2014,  he arbitrarily promised that his top priority would be to end Obamacare, which he swore was an anti-business  “job-killer”  without considering the salutary  effect it could have on uninsured sick and dying people.

DeWine could get away with saying such brutish things because the Ohio media was inexplicably enamored of him.  For example, although the Akron Beacon Journal has been known to disagree with DeWine on some  critical public policies, it endorsed his second term in 2014 anyway against a competent,  moderate  Democrat,  David Pepper, who is now the party’s state chairman. A clear case of cognitive dissonance?

Likewise, the Plain Dealer opined that Mike’s “flaws and blind spots are more than outweighed by his energetic and effective advocacy  on behalf of all Ohioans on a range of issues” and “deserves a second term”.  Talk about blind spots in the ivory tower!

A lot of  DeWine’s energy was consumed in cooking up the more than 50 briefs that his office filed against Obamacare and  same-sex marriage while in the lead of defending the corporate religious liberty of Hobby Lobby as a social conservative. For the media, their view of DeWine as the state’s reasoned legal activist rather than a  lay street corner preacher was much like putting a reverse spin on the cue ball.

We can only wonder what Mike, now undercut by a higher authority in  his two favorite talking points, will think of next.

Lordy.  The gold watch, please. .