Governor John Kasich has been criticized many times for his anti-women decisions and statements.  Today we can add another doozy to the list.

Last year Kasich defended his very low number of female cabinet appointments by talking about his family life, claiming he makes all the big decisions in his family and his “wife makes all the minor decisions”.

We later revealed that Kasich pays his male staffers 56% more than his female staffers and, more recently,  only one of the nine members appointed by Kasich to the board of JobsOhio—the private corporation responsible for awarding incentives to Ohio businesses— is a women.

So when Romney and Ryan invited Kasich to speak – without any prepared remarks – at their rally near Cincinnati today, could they really be surprised when he let loose another crazy comment?

In this little clip from the speech,  Kasich talks about his (“hot“) wife, and the wives of Romney and Ryan, and the reasons they couldn’t be at the event today:

“They’re at home doing the laundry” and “at home taking care of the kids.”


Obama leads Romney 53% to 43% with Ohio’s women in the latest PPP Ohio poll.  Romney is polling at 52% unfavorable with Ohio women (41% favorable) in the same survey.

Romney NEEDS to improve his margin with female voters in Ohio.  And Kasich isn’t doing him any favors with his comments.

Maybe next time the Romney campaign will remember how Kasich defended himself against the lack of diversity in his cabinet:

I’ve said all along, I really wish I could get some guys around me.