Governor John Kasich has been criticized many times for his anti-women decisions and statements.  Today we can add another doozy to the list.

Last year Kasich defended his very low number of female cabinet appointments by talking about his family life, claiming he makes all the big decisions in his family and his “wife makes all the minor decisions”.

We later revealed that Kasich pays his male staffers 56% more than his female staffers and, more recently,  only one of the nine members appointed by Kasich to the board of JobsOhio—the private corporation responsible for awarding incentives to Ohio businesses— is a women.

So when Romney and Ryan invited Kasich to speak – without any prepared remarks – at their rally near Cincinnati today, could they really be surprised when he let loose another crazy comment?

In this little clip from the speech,  Kasich talks about his (“hot“) wife, and the wives of Romney and Ryan, and the reasons they couldn’t be at the event today:

“They’re at home doing the laundry” and “at home taking care of the kids.”


Obama leads Romney 53% to 43% with Ohio’s women in the latest PPP Ohio poll.  Romney is polling at 52% unfavorable with Ohio women (41% favorable) in the same survey.

Romney NEEDS to improve his margin with female voters in Ohio.  And Kasich isn’t doing him any favors with his comments.

Maybe next time the Romney campaign will remember how Kasich defended himself against the lack of diversity in his cabinet:

I’ve said all along, I really wish I could get some guys around me.


  • oldmomma

    But…but….the GOP REALLY isn’t waging a “war on women”……

  • There would be a big pile of laundry waiting for Kasich at the door when he came home today.

  • Except for Romney’s wife who is at home drinking a martini and watching an immigrant do laundry.

  • I dont see anything damning about this comment by Governor Kasich.
    OK, so, I am not a fan of Governor Kasich, but I think this criticism is out of line and PETTY.

    Kasich was giving credit to the wives for their sacrifices while their husbands are out cavorting day in and day out.

    As far as Romney’s wife, I dont think she is doing much laundry or taking care of her mostly gown sons, since she has enough help to do those kind of household chores, but for Kasich and most of the Ohio Government office holders, their wives are doing double duty, and the women in public office have the same duties of their counterparts, but they get the jobs done.

  • Green Iris

    “they are at home taking care of the kids ” right where the republican party thinks we should be. He didn’t talk about anything they accomplished, their – their / OUR value lies in being caretakers and supporting their men. Nothing else

  • missskeptic

    I honestly don’t remember Karen Kasich doing anything political in the past two years. She refused to live in the Governor’s mansion, so I’m sure she is not hosting events like Frances Strickland did.

  • Dmoore

    This guy is a neandethal and the only reason he’s governor is because democrats stupidly stayed away from the polls.

  • athenap

    And after they heard that, they all did start doing their husbands’ laundry…in the toilet.

  • Not at the door, out on the front lawn. Unless, Mrs. K. is one of them Stepfords. ;o)

  • Wouldn’t that be a “virgin martini” the good Mormon that she is???

  • kanganroos

    Honestly, I can’t see why they are trying to spin it this way. He was saying how HARD it is to be a spouse of a politician. What I got was how they would like to be out on the road with their husbands but there are things at home to be taken care of, yes laundry and children, that is where the parent should be if they can be. I have chosen my life of being a stay at home mom and also to homeschool my children. I could have went out and got a job and been doing anything I want I CHOSE THIS and they prolly did to. Why make it sound like they are trapped where they are? Believe it or not there are many moms out there that would not trade being a mom for anything. No one ever says I wished I worked more, but many say I wish I would have been with the kids more. Even my bff says she wishes she could be home with her kids but her ex made that impossible. You do what you can. I heard nothing for respect for the wives when he was speaking. Just because one chooses to stay home and has the full support of their spouse(whether it is the man or woman working) does not make them less in any way. To say that they are women haters is wrong. Do you know the situation? The man is the head of the household and the woman is the neck that turns that head.

  • Leigh

    How many more times do think R/R will let ANYONE speak “on their behalf’ without seeing some kind of script, BEFORE they speak?!

  • LackeyOfLove

    So…an olive in an empty glass?

  • i have said it before, where are these spouses to give these idiots a good slap upside the head. GAH

  • Grow Up

    A “war”? Really? The GOP is running around the country with guns and grenades blowing up only women?

  • Grow Up

    Wait, so that 37-second clip was Kasich’s entire speech?? That’s got to go in the record books! Shortest speech ever by a politician!

  • Grow Up

    It IS petty because she probably IS at home doing the laundry “and all those other little things” (That’s for those of you who were too lazy to watch the video.) just like I would do if my own husband made enough money that I didn’t have to work. And what’s more, if the roles were reversed and I made enough money alone to support my family, HE’D be doing the laundry. When you stay at home, your work is housework. Geez. These people need to lighten up.

  • Grow Up

    Because it caters to their uber-liberal fan base, that’s why. I’m pretty sure Kasich could argue this article as slander because they took a piece of the quote to make their point, which was NOT the point he made in the entire quote.

    So for you and me and others than have good comprehension skills, we understand that Kasich was ACTUALLY saying that the wives do a TON of behind-the-scenes work so their husbands can be on the political stage, and the wives don’t get enough credit for what they do.

  • All in all the repubs don’t know how to say what they are thinking appropriately. It was a left handed compliment to the wives. If it was my husband saying that.. well he knows soooooo much better. But if it was it would be a long time before I cleaned his laundry… if you know what I mean.

  • well said!

  • It is an honor to be such an important part of this great society. I am guessing that all of you trust the raising of your children to strangers. Thank heavens I have the opportunity and the privilege to be the most important person in my children’s lives. I have been an executive and that was challenging, but nothing like being a “home maker”. My husband and I have a running joke….He comes home from work and tells me all the important part of his day and then I get to tell him what I did. Mine is always harder and more important. I have peoples lives and futures at stake. I challenge everyone of you to do my job for a day, much less for 20 years

  • Martha Larsen

    Raising decent kids is the most important thing in the world. Choosing to stay home with them and do every thing necessary for them is what I chose to do whilst my hubby was out feeding/housing/clothing us. It’s called marriage – one woman, one man and together they make a team.

  • Oh I absolutely agree with you. These kind of people are dangerous along with their Stepford wives!

  • Dmoore

    Isn’t this the same guy who called his wife “sweetie” at the SOS in Stuebenville? You’re telling me the governor of the State of Ohio can’t find a more appropriated term for his wife at one of the most public functions of state government. How telling.

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