The Brenner Brief is a blog run by Sara Marie Brenner, a former Powell city councilwoman and wife of Ohio State Rep Andrew Brenner.    Mr. Brenner is a regular contributor to the blog, having recently written a piece that received nationwide attention, claiming that “Public education in America is socialism” and the only solution is to “privatize everything” just like the Soviet Union did 25 years ago.

Yesterday, the blog published an article titled: “Was Sandy Hook a hoax designed to advance gun control laws?”

The piece was written by Fred DeRuvo, who is listed as an assistant editor of the site.  DeRuvo also runs a right-wing ministry where he claims to fight “the scourge of Leftist politics and policies that seem to be gaining a foothold in America.”   

In his piece, DeRuvo follows the “logic” of conspiracy theorists who claim the AP was somehow in cahoots with the Obama Administration, faking the massacre at Sandy Hook so President Obama could use the incident to take away everyone’s guns.  The “proof” according to DeRuvo, are some AP photos that supposedly had been dated prior to the shooting.   The “evidence” is shown in a poorly made YouTube video with a computer-generated voice over.

“To create an event like Sandy Hook takes tremendous planning. Even so, with the best of minds, things will come to light that at the very least cast a shadow over the truthfulness of said event” writes DeRuvo. “If Sandy Hook was an artificially created and staged event to allow the government to use fear to gain the advantage over the 2nd Amendment, we can bet we will see more of these events over time. Why? Simply because the government has not gotten what it wants.”

The article has since been removed and replaced with a message claiming the author and the owners of the blog do not believe Sandy Hook was hoax.  “Due to some believing that the writer, Fred DeRuvo, was saying that Sandy Hook was a hoax, this story has been removed from Brenner Brief News.”  The message stresses that “neither Sara Marie Brenner nor Andrew Brenner believe that Sandy Hook was a hoax.”

Here’s a screen-shot of the original article.