With the caravan of Democrats pondering whether to run for president in 2020, I want to announce that I will not be among the candidates. That’s NOT, as in NOT.

None of the options to thrust me into the heavy traffic  is appealing.

I do not dream of building the tallest tower in the world in Riyadh.

I don’t’ have the full support of rich Bedouins to lay out a golf course  in the Sahara.

If I told a lot of lies, only Mississippi voters  would believe me.

After Trump leaves, there won’t be many scams left to go around.

Speaking of scams, there are the immortal words  of Carmine Sabatini, the mobster  in  the movie  “The Freshman”.

“Scam?…Scam?” This is an ugly word…this scam.  If you want to be in business, this is what you do.”

So why wasn’t Trump able to close the deal with Putin on a luxury hotel in Moscow?