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A Demanding Leader

On May 24, 2018 By

When President Trump tweeted that he would “demand” an investigation by the Department of Justice of its own investigation of the Trump-Russia campaign links, our country drew one step closer to fascism by our autocratic leader.

Demands are not usually issued by normal presidents, and as we have seen, Trump’s corrupt behavior is clinically abnormal. On the other hand, autocrats who dismiss democracy as a way of life would demand that their uninsured grandmothers would pay their last penny for health care.

It will probably get worse as word filters out of the Mueller […]

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Another week of thoughts and prayers.

You would think that after more bloodshed in the classroom the enablers of the gun lobby would find a new way to console the victims’ families. But as we’ve seen, prayers don’t work and the only time the politicians think about kids is when the students are found dead.

The good news is that some of the trigger-friendly deep thinkers are serious about “doing” something, saying the status quo is unacceptable.  Who could argue?

For example, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas, an immovable opponent of gun control, gravely stood before the TV cameras […]

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I know very little about witches. I doubt that I have ever met one, although as a kid I had questions about a shriveled old woman who lived in a shack across the street that I and my friends only knew as Annie Gator. We would sneakily gather at her window at night to watch her in the glow of a candle as she fussed with thread and needle to repair her shawl.

Oh, there was also my arithmetic teacher, Mrs. Lenz, an assertive woman who would come to my desk, aiming an index finger at me and sternly demanded, […]

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Let’s see….  It was more than a decade ago back in 2006  that then-congressman Sherrod Brown defied conventional wisdom by running against a securely seated Republican, Ohio Sen. Mike DeWine.

The risk was clear, or so some of Brown’s Democratic political supporters feared, that he would dare give up a safe 13th District House seat to challenge a hard-right social conservative  who, to this day, remains firmly in the grip of the National Rifle Association while assuming a cautious political profile that has been regularly polished by Ohio media.  But it has hardly been a profile in courage in a day […]

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If pageantry and pretense rely on fantasy to achieve their fullest effect, you should prepare for the longest star-spangled parade in America’s history – led by Donald Trump, who boasts of being the brightest and boldest star in the firmament.

As the exalted ruler of the Kingdom of Base, the president loves patriotic displays of empty loyalties. This mighty procession from the White Guy House schedule has already given us his ceremonial plans to celebrate his vast accomplishments to make America great again as he crusades as the parade marshal on a long journey through the Old South to the […]

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Not Fake News, Jim!

On May 10, 2018 By

When President Trump blew into Cleveland the past weekend, the Plain Dealer reported with a prominent front-page headline,”Trump uses visit to boost Renacci”.

That’s Rep. Jim  Renacci. He’s the former Wadsworth mayor and wealthy businessman who is now a candidate for the U.S. Senate after first announcing that he would run for Ohio governor and do whatever necessary to win. That was until political temptation induced him to change his mind and challenge Sen. Sherrod Brown.

My first tepid response to the Trump-Renacci tandem was to wonder which of these two guys would be hurt the most by their meeting […]

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I happened to watch some of Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Washington Twp.,  Mich., with the sound muted, and it did appear that he was a symphonic conductor with flopping arms and commanding presence leading the score.  But, alas, when I later turned up the sound, it was orchestral nonsense, much like a noisy Spike Jones performance engaging in the hysteria of his audience.

So, another chapter of making America great with the added flourishes of an orchestrated crowd chanting “ No-BEL, No-BEL.”

Chris Cillizza of CNN listed online 57 of Trump’s “most outrageous and offensive lines” at the rally […]

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The Orwellian Trump

On April 20, 2018 By

Jonathan Chait begins his essay in New York Magazine’s withering report on the Trump dynasty’s corruption with a direct quote from Trump himself:

“I’ve grabbed all the money I could get. I’m so greedy. But now I want to be greedy for the United States.”

Candidate Trump spoke those words during the 2016 campaign and could have stopped with the first part about his extraordinary avarice. Since entering the Oval Office in a red or white cap, yellow hair and orange face, Trump has given no indication that he and his equally greedy family have any intention of giving up their […]

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Trump; Huffing and Puffing Again

On April 16, 2018 By

Mission accomplished!

The only stage prop missing from President Trump’s declaration of indivisible triumph in the missile attack on Syria was an aircraft carrier from which George W. Bush announced our “victory” over Iraq.

We could see it coming after Bush’s first team declared that homeowners in Baghdad would soon lay out a square dedicated to America. That was a couple of months or so before Bush landed carrier-top in his flight regalia to assure us peace was at hand.

After all, Dick Cheney had been telling anyone who asked that the war would end not in a few months but […]

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After an eternity of denials by Republican leaders that they were interested in suppressing the minority vote, it was encouraging to hear a Democratic candidate come along for Secretary of State to clean up the other party’s act.

That ’s what we heard from State Rep. Kathleen Clyde (Kent) when she spoke to the Akron Press Club on Monday, April 9.  She covered the full range of suppressive initiatives forever denied by the oppressors. These initiatives were enacted most recently by Jon Husted, who is leaving the position of Ohio Secretary of State to tag with Attorney General Mike DeWine, who has […]

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Now that Don Blankenship is out of jail, the Republicans’ bid to win the U.S. Senate seat in West Virginia should become much more interesting.

Blankenship, as you may recall, is the powerful coal baron who was imprisoned for a year for a safety breach at his Upper Big Branch Mine in 2010  that led to an explosion killing 29 miners.

He’s one of three Republicans in the May 8 primary for the Senate seat. Their target is conservative Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, guaranteeing a nasty campaign that could fill Bartlett’s quotations for mountain talk. Blankenship is already off to a fast start, […]

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