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Out Of The Mouths Of…

On November 8, 2017 By

As our president continues to strut around the globe to sustain his mitered command of his office, let’s s not forget that there’s still work to be done by his apostles back home.

So I’ve gathered some of their useless comments for you to translate as you will as I hopelessly toy with the Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle. Hope you have better luck than I:

Energy secretary Rick Perry, an unbridled  zealot for fossil fuels,  linking them to a barrier against  sexual assault:

“Let me tell you where people are dying is in Africa,” Perry said in Newsweek upon his return from […]

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A few gleaming nuggets from Trump Americana to brighten the remainder of your day:

Word from the White Guy House is that the president wants to rename his proposed tax reform measure to be the “Cut Cut Cut Act.” More fertile an identity for his base. No, I didn’t make this up. Just Donald being Donald, a “nut, nut, nut” being a “nut, nut, nut.”

* * * * *

FROM CNN came the report of how Donald Trump Jr., the royally rich dauphin of the guy in the White House, politicized Halloween with a lesson in economic systems. He […]

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Trump’s Tax-cut Obsession

On November 2, 2017 By

With Team Trump shaken by the indictments of three campaign apparatchiks in the Russian investigation, the besieged president did what comes naturally for him: He packed the room with white-guy reinforcements to change the subject, promising that tax cuts for the middle class were on the way.

Defiant words from the lips of a guy who quite likely never met a middle class American. Didn’t have to in his plush universe that seeded his career with a $1 million gift from his father.

George Papadopoulos, who already pleaded guilty a couple of weeks ago to lying to the Feds? The […]

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If you’re looking for some lighter  moments during these dark Trumpian days, may I suggest that you watch MSNBC’s Ali Velshi  and Stephanie Ruhle lash Ohio U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, a stock wannabe pol running for Ohio governor, on his tax reduction notions. You can find it on YouTube.

I concede that it really wasn’t a fair match, with two adults who did their homework and armed with charts, not GOP obsessions, on the attack against Renacci, a multimillionnaire who’s already contributed $4 million of his own money to his campaign. As he has told us, he will “stop at nothing” […]

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Midweek wash for a “rising star.”

Is there a more futile exercise in a democracy than the daily White House press briefing featuring
Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the Arkansas preacher’s daughter fielding the questions as the official voice of the Oval Office? She often doesn’t know the answer, gives a brief clipped response, and robotically points to another reporter.

We know from years of experience that press briefings exist to resolve all doubts about the boss’ commitment to civilized governing. But Huckabee, whom we would presume is a true-to-the-truth conservative Christian press secretary, would make some effort to avoid being […]

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Mississippi Here We Come

On October 20, 2017 By

When Cuyahoga County Democrat Tim Hagan ran for governor in 2002 he was heard to lament Ohio’s poor standing in providing social services.

“Thank God for Mississippi!” he satirically declared to make his well considered point that the state ranked just above last place. Former highly-successful four-term governor Jim Rhodes, after all, had once shrugged off weak support of mental health services by noting that “mental patients don’t vote.”

The Buckeye State, with few exceptions like an OSU football team and the Cleveland Orchestra, would scarcely be considered a pace maker. Indeed, it is hardly even progressive but firmly in […]

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A Sicilian Tale

On October 18, 2017 By

On a sunlit morning in Sicily a vendor pushed his cart along the sidewalk, noisily singsonging indistinct words to the folks poking their heads out of the windows a few stories above the street.

Although I had studied the Italian language for several years, I couldn’t decipher a syllable from his cry. But as the ancient building’s residents lowered baskets to be filled by vegetables and fruit, I finally gave up trying to understand the communication between the wizened vendor and his customers.

“What is he saying?” I asked a disinterested fellow near me on the bench. “I couldn’t understand […]

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Season’s Greetings From Trump

On October 17, 2017 By

We began the week end on a high note: President “Liddle Don Don” arrived at the Values Voters Summit in his usual grand manner to reassure us that we could say Merry Christmas again (applause), even if we choose to say it before the first holiday reminders appear in store windows before Labor Day.

Actually the gathering of religious conservatives – the first, Trump boasted, that a U.S. president ever graced – was arranged to bash gays, unpatriotic black football players who can now forget about going to Heaven, and, as always, Barack Obama. (Applause with some hallelujahs.)

Trump had […]

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Trump’s Flying Wallendas

On October 13, 2017 By

This may seem a tad silly to you, but what good is a democracy if you can’t be as whacky  as the president?

I’m talking about the devastating fire in California which, Heaven knows, doesn’t lend itself to silliness.

So can we conclude that, say, Pat Robertson, the prayerful old white guy – heh, heh, heh – will explain that the flames are God’s punishing prelude to Hell for our sinful existence on earth. The reverend has said such alarming things about other natural disasters traceable to gays, practicing Sodomites, abortionists, and garden variety Democrats.

Until “Liddle Don-Don” unpacked his […]

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Trump, The Operatic Elephant

On October 10, 2017 By

As we watched Donald Trump gaming Puerto Ricans with paper towels and flashlights while damning them as ungrateful Americans, we could not resist wondering at what age did he decide to claw his way down the tree to  menace civilization.

The flashlight thing was his playful way of claiming their obsolescence because the island was again lighting up with restored power. (Puerto Rico has now reached the 10 percent level of electricity.)  Meantime, he continued to remind  the commonwealth’s residents that they owed Wall Street millions in debts and should stop demanding that others do the heavy lifting. He also […]

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Oil For The Lamps Of Trump

On October 9, 2017 By

So Scott Pruitt, the former Oklahoma attorney general imported by President Trump as the EPA administrator on a mission to eliminate the EPA is now having a sound-proof booth installed in his office with taxpayers picking up the $25,000 tab.

Like Greta Garbo, he wants to be safely alone. But she wasn’t talking about sound-proof office cells.

Pruitt has a big thing about his privacy and retains a security force of up to 24 armed guards around the clock to assure his safety. The booth will be just one more entitlement that Trump’s field hands take for themselves because they […]

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