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Trump Still On His Ark

On September 12, 2017 By

Meanwhile, back at the nation’s capital…

The gloom settling on Republican leaders is becoming more apparent each day as their play-president engages in patty-cake with Democrats on the debt ceiling.

Actually, it was a good week for Donald Trump – disastrous floods et. al. – while the TV reporters stood knee deep in hurricane flood water. He didn’t have to wake up each morning awash in further alerts about special counsel Robert Mueller’s relentless nosiness into matters involving Team Trump and Russia.

And yet the president, the most incoherent of CEOs since the Oval Office was created, managed to capture […]

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More than four decades ago a bushy-haired young man walked up to my desk at the Beacon Journal and introduced himself. He wanted me to know that he was running for the Fifth Ward council seat in downtown Akron. When he told me he was a Republican challenging a rough-cut drawling Democrat, Cliff Nicholson, I replied that he had no chance.

“That’s a Democratic Ward,” I said in disbelief of his brash mission, “where they don’t even bother to count the Republican votes.”

“I know,” Alex Arshinkoff said without a hint of discouragement. “But you’ll see.” He then went on to […]

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Newt Gingrich, a glib survivor of a scandalous political career, said on Fox News the other day that if Donald Trump tones down his words he would be a “remarkably great president”. I won’t try to follow the logic of a fellow who, as a self-satisfied presidential smoothie, once promised to colonize the moon. Back on this planet, he proposed firing all of the public school janitors and having the students fill the tasks. Soaring ideas like those are probably what convinced President Trump to nominate Gingrich’s wife Callista to be the ambassador to Vatican City. The move also may […]

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Allow me to step back from my description of Donald Trump as a breast-beating King Kong. That was knee jerk.

After his pathetic response to the Charlottesville riot, I must settle for naming him the Official White House Mouse.

So fearful of losing one white supporter from his shrinking base, he avoided any mention of white supremacists, Nazis, and Klansmen from his hurriedly prepared statement condemning  an “egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides.”

Those last three words of equivalence passed around the fault to everyone who has ever lit a fire in […]

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King Kong In The Oval Office

On August 14, 2017 By

A review of  President Trump’s portrayal of King Kong at his rare news conference this week gave the world more chilling evidence of his mental illness of which he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office…”

You’ll find those precise words in Amendment 25 of the U.S. Constitution that lays out the path for his removal from the office by Congress (if only there are enough creatures on Capitol Hill with the backbone to pursue it!).

He is a man of breast-beating fantasy that betrays his insecurity as the forces  of democratic government bear down on […]

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On Mandel: Lock Him Up

On August 10, 2017 By

When Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel declared his second candidacy for the U.S. Senate he left little doubt that he grabbed Donald Trump’s fairy tales as the certain route to victory in 2018. He’s even described in the “fake” media as a “Trump imitator,” which couldn’t be denied inasmuch as Mandel had already pledged himself to sharing Trump’s promise to drain the swamp and as Ohio’s best hope to purify the bureaucracy.

Like Trump, he believes the whole system is rigged against the honorable politicians on Team Trump.

Who is more qualified to speak of swamps than Mandel himself, a driven operative […]

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It was a quiet week end in Trump Americana …. The Mooch went off to wherever Mooches go after they’ve been exiled. Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior zombie-like adviser, was up in the attic moodily wondering why he had gone soft on CNN’s Jim Acosta by merely accusing the reporter of being shockingly “outrageous, ignorant, foolish, and insulting” at a news briefing.

Kellyanne Conway spent more time upgrading her happy face on Fox News. And The Donald, in need of R&R, went to his Utopian golf resort in New Jersey to correct his swing that always […]

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If anyone needs further proof of the vast range of the Trump Organization (um, the family business) you need only to consider how one major Ohio institution is meeting its financial needs. In 2018, the Cleveland Clinic, a widely respected medical epicenter, will sponsor its second fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s Edenic hideaway ( complete with more than 70 non-documented foreign workers exempted from immigration restrictions) ) in

The Clinic’s decision has already drawn protests from professional staffers and the media. But when you are following the money you are never confident where it will lead you.

One […]

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The plot thickens. When Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday he denounced Richard Cordray, head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for running for governor in Ohio (nothing official) while holding a federal job. He demanded that Cordray be fired, not considered a terribly antisocial act in Washington these days.

Program host Chuck Todd asked his guest, “Do you have any business interests here? Do you have a client that wants to see this happen?”

Lewandowski, a man with a troubled political career who was fired by Trump, lied and […]

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TAKEAWAYS: The Republican white guys lost! For now. Their seven-year itch to kill Obamacare ended in defeat in the Senate. It was an historic moment when the turtle didn’t outrun the hare. You only needed to see Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s downcast visage to record the moment of despair. Besides, only in Aesop’s Fables would a turtle be credited with uncommon speed.

President Trump blamed three Republicans and 48 Democrats for mindlessly “letting down the American people.” It didn’t matter to him that a majority of the very same American people had opposed the Republican scheme. But in a muted […]

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Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci, Donald Trump’s newly contrived hitman, is a dapper, vulgar, hot-headed Gotti-like figure who is very rich after moving a lot of investment money around on Wall Street.

In the wealthiest circles, Mooch is said to be highly regarded, particularly by Boss Trump, otherwise known as the capo di tutti capi who is going around telling people that he doesn’t get the protection he deserves by Republicans.

Enter Scaramucci, who burst in on the Potomac scene as the new White House Communications Director with threats that he will fire everybody on the staff if they don’t […]

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