From the daily archives: Friday, September 29, 2017

ATHENS – In Ohio’s 2018 election, everything’s at stake, Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper told Plunderbund in an exclusive interview earlier this month.

After seven years under the administration of John Kasich as governor and a Republican-controlled General Assembly, Ohio has suffered another long lesson in the failure of trickle-down economics, Pepper said.

“Take from local, raise taxes on those who can afford it least, and do that to give money to people on the high end,” he said. “It’s absolutely failing.”

This is proved by all the metrics, he noted, from 57 months of lagging job growth, wages […]

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Washington watchers are waiting with great anticipation to hear what career Republican politicians bent on lowering taxes have to say now about President Donald Trump’s latest plan to slash tax rates, creating more economic inequality, slowing growth, and ballooning the nation’s debt.

During Barack Obama’s two terms as president, Republicans howled at the moon about deficits and debt. When Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush spent trillions on tax cuts, and put it unpaid on the national credit, so-called deficit hawk conservatives enjoyed the sounds of silence. Like crickets in a forest suddenly going silent at the […]

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