From the daily archives: Monday, September 11, 2017

According to a Sept. 3 Columbus Dispatch article, ECOT has spent $33 million on TV ads, lobbyists, lawsuits and William Lager’s for-profit companies since January 2016, all in pursuit of gaining state approval to continue to count students that are not participating.

Over 400 school buses could have been purchased with the $33 million ECOT has spent recklessly. While Ohio students ride on worn-out buses, the ECOT Man spent money extracted from school districts to rev-up his tax-consuming machine.

It is amazing that public officials have tolerated payments to ECOT’s for students not participating […]

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Every time a disaster hits America, Republicans from Ohio vote against providing relief. They have all sorts of excuses, but the upshot is the same: When Americans are hurting desperately because of natural disaster, Ohio Republicans can be counted on to tell them, “No.”

Ohio U.S. Sen. Rob Portman opposed Hurricaine Sandy aid in 2013 (which was not full of pork as some have lied recently), though he voted for Harvey aid last week. Nevertheless five of Ohio’s Republican members of U.S. Congress took up the reins and opposed Harvey disaster relief, including GOP gubernatorial […]

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Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown blasted a Texas federal court ruling from late August that will deny 130,000 Ohioans a raise they were promised. Brown also called on U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta to appeal the ruling.

Brown worked with the Obama Administration to raise the overtime threshold, but the Aug. 31 ruling eliminates the new threshold, which would have given 130,000 Ohioans and 4.2 million Americans a raise.

“These workers aren’t asking for a handout – they are working 50 to 60 hours a week and aren’t getting paid for it. That’s wrong,” Brown said in a press release. “Overtime pay […]

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Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is speed dating Ohio Gov. John Kasich on healthcare reforms, trying to show that a left of center Democrat and a hard-right Republican known for decades worth of political performance schtick can work together on healthcare when there’s little evidence Democrats and Republicans have done much collaboration on it so far.

Kasich loves top billing for a proposal that experts say takes a middle-of-the-road path forward instead of a smarter and far more comprehensive path proposed by Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist U.S. senator from Vermont who started a small […]

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