From the daily archives: Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Like many politicians, Franklin County Prosecutor Ron O’Brien uses his Twitter account to post information about the cases his office is working on, the deer in his backyard, political events and even family vacation selfies.   But a quick look at the things Republican Prosecutor O’Brian’s account “likes” on Twitter tells a whole different story.

Spoiler: Someone really likes porn!

On July 9th, 2014 O’Brien’s twitter account liked an article on Huffington Post titled “Monogamy not your thing? here’s why you consider an open relationship.”

In January of this year the account liked a tweet by an adult entertainment […]

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Yesterday we reported on how Ohio Republican governor candidate Jim Renacci voted against disaster relief for victims of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma after spending his career in U.S. Congress opposing nearly every single climate change and environmental protection bill proposed.

Turns out, that is the modus operandi for all five of the Ohio Republican U.S. Congressmen who voted against the disaster relief compromise.

In a deal offered by Democrats that was accepted by President Donald Trump last week, $15 billion in disaster relief for both Harvey and Irma was packaged with money to avoid government shutdown for the […]

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Trump Still On His Ark

On September 12, 2017 By

Meanwhile, back at the nation’s capital…

The gloom settling on Republican leaders is becoming more apparent each day as their play-president engages in patty-cake with Democrats on the debt ceiling.

Actually, it was a good week for Donald Trump – disastrous floods et. al. – while the TV reporters stood knee deep in hurricane flood water. He didn’t have to wake up each morning awash in further alerts about special counsel Robert Mueller’s relentless nosiness into matters involving Team Trump and Russia.

And yet the president, the most incoherent of CEOs since the Oval Office was created, managed to capture […]

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ATHENS – Dayton Mayor and Ohio Democratic governor candidate Nan Whaley called out Ohio’s ongoing charter school scandals Monday as “crony capitalism” tied to campaign financing for Ohio elected officials who have failed to hold corrupt charter school providers accountable.

“Right now what we have is not working. I view it as straight up crony capitalism going on with the statehouse,” Whaley said. “You can draw a line (with) the millions of dollars that charter school providers that are for-profit are giving to the state legislature.”

Before a campaign event in Athens, Whaley sat down with local reporters in the […]

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Looking back over the years since the Affordable Care Act became America’s healthcare law of the land in 2010 without a single vote from any Republican in Washington, constant harping by GOP lawmakers across the board assigns blame for rising premium costs and other fragile features of the law only to the big, bad federal government and its big, bad healthcare plan.

Ohio’s two term-limited state leaders, Gov. John Kasich and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor, are on the same team with Ohio’s other statewide GOP officials and the state’s Republican-controlled legislature, who have all done their level best to sabotage […]

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