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New York Magazine published a celebrity journalism article by Lisa Miller titled “John Kasich Is Already Running.” “For the Ohio governor,” the subtitle continued, “the campaign against Trump never stopped. And it won’t till 2020.”

It’s another in a series of “in-depth” looks at Ohio’s quirky, petulant, and outbound governor that rehashes similar attempts to fathom the great reformer’s mind done by national venues that end up reading like Kasich wrote it himself. It tells us nothing new about the practiced performance politico, who knows the rules of the media game and takes serious, naive or gullible reporters like […]

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The Ohio Democratic Party hosted its annual State Dinner at the Greater Columbus Convention Center Sunday, with big Democratic voices in attendance, including keynote speaker Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and special guests like Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator in Washington running for a third term next year, Sherrod Brown.

Democrats who trooped to downtown Columbus were handed a Halloween-orange campaign flyer from one of the three declared women candidates as they entered the convention hall.

“It’s SCARY what 24 out of 28 years of Republican rule has done to Ohio,” said a campaign piece distributed by […]

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Gerrymandering is anti-democratic. It encroaches on some of the most fundamental and basic principles of democracy, 2018 Ohio Auditor candidate Zack Space told Plunderbund in a sit-down interview Friday.

In an act of immense political bravery and honesty, Space is basing his campaign for auditor on speaking the truth against two of the most serious ills plaguing American democracy today: Gerrymandering and the corrupt influence of money in politics. In a series of articles over the next several days, Plunderbund will explore these topics with Space.

The Ohio Auditor is one of three statewide officers who sit at the redistricting table […]

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It seems like every Sunday, on one national TV network or another, Ohio Gov. John Kasich makes a short cameo appearance to reveal his thoughts on foreign policy, politics in Washington, the latest tweet by President Donald Trump, and whether he’ll mount another campaign, the third of his career, for the White House in 2020.

Political talk shows hosts treat Kasich as if he’s is no longer governor, a fact many count down the days to, that won’t be factual until the next governor is sworn-in one the first day of 2019. Questions to Kasich never reflect […]

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If you’re looking for some lighter  moments during these dark Trumpian days, may I suggest that you watch MSNBC’s Ali Velshi  and Stephanie Ruhle lash Ohio U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, a stock wannabe pol running for Ohio governor, on his tax reduction notions. You can find it on YouTube.

I concede that it really wasn’t a fair match, with two adults who did their homework and armed with charts, not GOP obsessions, on the attack against Renacci, a multimillionnaire who’s already contributed $4 million of his own money to his campaign. As he has told us, he will “stop at nothing” […]

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Yet another wake up call was delivered Friday to term-limited Ohio Gov. John Kasich to do what he’s refused to do so far to reverse his state’s earned title as posterchild for opioid-related overdoses.

Kasich, who despite being badly beaten last year in his second try for the White House, is playing his familiar game of hide-and-seek with national media on his intentions for 2020, and whether he’ll run for president a third time.

Using the same bob-and-weave strategy he used with state media in 2014, when the question he wouldn’t answer was whether he would run for president in […]

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Bipartisanship may be the word of the year this year, as Democrats and Republicans decry hyper-partisanship in Washington during the era of Trumpism and its maladjusted leader, President Donald Trump.

And so it came to pass on Thursday, when 20 Republicans found their moral compass long enough to join every House Democrat in voting against the so-called Ryan-McConnell Republican Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Resolution, which also goes by the ironic name of “Building A Better America.” 

Budget Resolution: “For too long, the federal government’s excessive spending has put future […]

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As lawmakers continue their assault on women’s health, ProgressOhio urged Senate Republicans to donate money from a disgraced former member to groups that help women in a press release Friday.

Former state Sen. Cliff Hite, a Findlay Republican, abruptly resigned last week and apologized for conduct toward a state employee. Senate leaders engineered his departure after learning that he is facing allegations of sexual harassment, the release said.

Since joining the Upper Chamber, Hite has donated just over $610,000 to the Ohio Republican Senate Campaign Committee, according to a ProgressOhio analysis.

“As a show of good faith, the Senate GOP […]

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DAYTON, Ohio – President Donald Trump on Thursday ordered his acting HHS Secretary to declare the opioid crisis a public health emergency, stopping short of the full national state of emergency that he promised two months ago.

Dayton Mayor and Democratic primary candidate for Ohio Governor Nan Whaley – one of the first mayors in Ohio to declare a state of emergency on the epidemic – issued a response to the declaration in a release Thursday.

“Trump’s declaration is a long time coming, but it’s far too little, far too late and Ohioans are growing weary of his empty promises,” Whaley […]

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Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel picked up two new endorsements this week in his race to unseat Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown in the upcoming 2018 Ohio Sentate race. Given Mandel’s Trump-like campaign strategy, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that one came from a Breitbart writer and the other from a well known white nationalist.

Earlier this month we reported that Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, the guys behind the Hillary Clinton Pizza-Gate conspiracy theory, were starting a super PAC called Revolution 18 to support Mandel. Mandel defended Cernovich back in July on Twitter during a dispute with the Anti-Defamation League. The Full Story...

ATHENS – Ohio Democratic governor candidate spoke to Athens County Democrats last week about her plans to revitalize the state and advocate on behalf of training and economic opportunities for working families.

In her speech, Sutton recalled growing up in Barberton, near Akron, the daughter of a boilermaker, going to law school, and winning election to Barberton City Council, then going to the Summit County Council, and at 29 being the youngest woman ever elected to the Ohio House of Representatives. In 2006, Sutton was elected to succeed now-U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown representing Ohio’s 13th Congressional District.

Sutton recalled a […]

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