From the daily archives: Tuesday, October 31, 2017

New York Magazine published a celebrity journalism article by Lisa Miller titled “John Kasich Is Already Running.” “For the Ohio governor,” the subtitle continued, “the campaign against Trump never stopped. And it won’t till 2020.”

It’s another in a series of “in-depth” looks at Ohio’s quirky, petulant, and outbound governor that rehashes similar attempts to fathom the great reformer’s mind done by national venues that end up reading like Kasich wrote it himself. It tells us nothing new about the practiced performance politico, who knows the rules of the media game and takes serious, naive or gullible reporters like […]

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The Ohio Democratic Party hosted its annual State Dinner at the Greater Columbus Convention Center Sunday, with big Democratic voices in attendance, including keynote speaker Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and special guests like Ohio’s senior U.S. Senator in Washington running for a third term next year, Sherrod Brown.

Democrats who trooped to downtown Columbus were handed a Halloween-orange campaign flyer from one of the three declared women candidates as they entered the convention hall.

“It’s SCARY what 24 out of 28 years of Republican rule has done to Ohio,” said a campaign piece distributed by […]

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