Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel picked up two new endorsements this week in his race to unseat Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown in the upcoming 2018 Ohio Sentate race. Given Mandel’s Trump-like campaign strategy, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that one came from a Breitbart writer and the other from a well known white nationalist.

Earlier this month we reported that Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec, the guys behind the Hillary Clinton Pizza-Gate conspiracy theory, were starting a super PAC called Revolution 18 to support Mandel. Mandel defended Cernovich back in July on Twitter during a dispute with the Anti-Defamation League. The ADL has classified Cernovich and Posobiec “Alt-Lite” for their “hatred of feminists and immigrants.” Mandel attacked the group on Twitter, declaring: “I stand with @Cernovich & @JackPosobiec”.

Not to be outdone, the actual “Alt-Right” has also started jumping on the Mandel bandwagon.

Breitbart’s Matthew Tyrmand tweets selfie with Josh Mandel

On Oct. 24, Breitbart’s Mathew Tyrmand Tweeted a selfie with Mandel, writing: “A grt pleasure hanging out w/the next Senator of OH @JoshMandelOhio. Josh, a super candidate in every way, will eviscerate @SenSherrodBrown.”

Tyrmand found fame last year after being called out by the Washington Post Editorial Board for penning an “anti-Semitic” Brietbart story that attacked one of their writers.

This afternoon, white nationalist commentator Brad Griffin, aka Hunter Wallace, of the website Occidental Dissent, also endorsed Mandel on Twitter writing: “#Rev18 guys. Josh Mandel will Take Back America?”.  The Rev18 hashtag was a reference to the Cernovich and Posobiec’s Revolution 18 super PAC.

Well known racist tweets support for John Mandel

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Griffin has spent years espousing his racist and antisemitic views publicly.

“Personally, I want to create a Jew-free, White ethnostate in North America,” Griffin wrote at Occidental Dissent on June 8, 2010. “That’s why I call myself a White Nationalist.”

It’s unclear why Griffin has set aside his antisemitism to support Mandel, who is Jewish. But with endorsements from high-profile, fringe-right activists like Griffin, Cernovich, Posobiec, and others, Mandel seems to be having some success with his plan to woo hardcore Trump supporters.

There was a time when Mandel looked like he might become a serious player in the Ohio political scene. He had a good story: Baby-face football quarterback from Beachwood, Ohio, who served in the Marines and wore out three pairs of shoes while campaigning for state rep.

His new story is being crafted right now. It’s a dark narrative about a sketchy, self-serving politician crawling into bed with racist, anti-feminist, anti-immigrant, anti-semitic asshats. It’s a much less compelling story for voters than the one about touchdowns and worn out shoes.  But it’s the only one people will remember from now on.