From the daily archives: Friday, October 13, 2017

It’s probably not a stretch to say that few Republican officeholders really liked Ohio Gov. John Kasich, before or after he became governor. But they had to accommodate the great reformer’s petulant personality and sanctimonious self after he squeaked by Ted Strickland in 2010.

Kasich’s agenda included lots of senseless razzle dazzle, including setting up cities to be plundered, stealing from the poor to give to the rich, promising job creation that’s way to slow, creating obstacles women have to hurdle to access their constitutional rights, signing bills that created badly gerrymandered districts, toppling a potential ballot box threat, resetting […]

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Trump’s Flying Wallendas

On October 13, 2017 By

This may seem a tad silly to you, but what good is a democracy if you can’t be as whacky  as the president?

I’m talking about the devastating fire in California which, Heaven knows, doesn’t lend itself to silliness.

So can we conclude that, say, Pat Robertson, the prayerful old white guy – heh, heh, heh – will explain that the flames are God’s punishing prelude to Hell for our sinful existence on earth. The reverend has said such alarming things about other natural disasters traceable to gays, practicing Sodomites, abortionists, and garden variety Democrats.

Until “Liddle Don-Don” unpacked his […]

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