So now the conversation turns to taxes.  How absolutely boring.

But here comes President Trump, relieved of his other duties, with an endless list of applause lines to  encourage you to forget that he described Roy Moore of Alabama as destined to become a “great senator and I’m very happy with him.”

Birthers and anti-gays, unite!  God now has your back in Birmingham with a crossroads pistol-packing preacher representing you in the Senate.

For Trump, he finally owns the center ring to show us how with tax reform, four plus four can add up to nine or whatever, with cuts from the fanciest board rooms to the vacant coal mines. You and I will finally be wealthy, a promise he once made to make America Rich Again.

He even said the obscure tax reforms, which neither he nor most others understand, will hurt him personally. But how will we ever know that since he remains the first president to hide his tax returns at Ft. Knox?

But the conversation has already drawn Ohio Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman out of his haunted forest with a fresh voice in a PBS interview that has been silent throughout the whole battle over Obamacare.

Tax reform, for the “common sense” conservative  from Cincinnati, is a lot safer territory for him than committing himself to voting on the latest Obamacare GOP offer. He was spared of the latter when the Senate vote was scuttled, allowing him to move on to a happier life.

Trump, however, did manage to weather Puerto Rico’s catastrophe by giving us a geography lesson. As he put it with vacuous authority:

“This is an island sitting in the middle of an ocean.  It’s a big ocean.  It’s a very big ocean…We’re doing a really good job.” He later noted that you can’t drive trucks to get there.

But as Rolling stone recalled his words: “There were Wall Street banks who are still owed money from the territory, which declared a form of bankruptcy in May.” (Something about a Trump-branded golf course/condo development that went belly up in 2015.) But his Wall Street response was just Donald being Donald.

His clumsy action on everything else in a chaotic week did lead some Americans to took more deeply into the meaning of democracy after he denounced an NFL player as a “son-of-a-bitch” for being disrespectful to the flag by kneeling during the National Anthem.

Clearly, the President of the United States has no clue about democracy that permits actions that some folks find distasteful. Even those that tauntingly display Confederate flags.

OK. I’m not a numerologist and barely passable in arithmetic. But I will still insist that four plus four is eight on Planet Trump, whose fake leadership impresses us each passing day as being the most disrespectfully dangerous  character in America.