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No sector — not local governments, school districts, court systems, public universities or hospitals — misspends tax dollars like charter schools in Ohio.

Of all that has been written about the sorry, twenty-year history of charter schools in the Buckeye State, this single sentence from a 2015 Akron Beacon Journal article provides the strongest evidence in explaining how an online charter school has the gall to use public funds to attack the very agency of state government that provides its oxygen.

For those who might want to avoid a bout of indigestion and heartburn, it might be […]

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Now that the Senate Republicans so-called Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA) has been scored by the Congressional Budget Office, the numbers are so offensive that Democrats are leading the charge to break the glass on the emergency fire extinguisher to hose it down.

The tens of millions who will be hurt by the BCRA as early as next year if just 51 senators pass the bill before July 4th is dominating headlines across the nation. National and local news groups are identifying just how bad life will be for seniors, children and the disabled, […]

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Senator Rob Portman has never been known for taking bold stances on important issues, or for bucking his party and standing up for what is right and just.

Today was no exception.

Despite constant pressure from his constituents in Ohio, Portman refused to disavow support for the super-secret, anti-Obamacare bill.

And when the Congressional Budget Office released a report saying the bill will cause 22 million Americans to lose their health coverage, Portman still refused to respond.

It wasn’t until everything went south for the GOP, and support for the bill finally got flushed down the crapper.

Earlier today Senate […]

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How soon history is forgotten when a governor tries to burn both ends of the candle at the same time without lighting themselves on fire in the process. But that’s exactly what Ohio Gov. John Kasich has managed to do and get away with as he weighs-in on what Republicans in Congress have in store for the nation on reforming healthcare.

As Democrats lineup to compliment Kasich for defending Medicaid by attacking his own party’s long-held ideological obsession to cut federal spending on key “entitlement” social safety net programs like expanded Medicaid – as the House has done and […]

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Donald Trump bellowed last year about an election system he said was “rigged” against him, even though he won both his adopted Republican Party’s nomination for president and then the presidential election.

If American democracy is a rigged system, as the New York billionaire who had never run for election claimed it is, who was it rigged for at the end of the day? After all, he defied the odds by beating each of his rivals in turn, from his closest intramural combatant, Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, to his personal nemesis and political archenemy, Hillary Rodham […]

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Well, as we and everybody else knew he would, Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine announced his candidacy for governor over the weekend. What, after all of these years, is an Ohio election without Mike on the ballot running for something? He has struck such positive accord with Ohio’s editorial writers with his feel-good non-confrontational behavior that the gurus are already projecting him as the Republican nominee for the governor’s office in 2018. That’s what is expected of us in Ohio’s political culture.

His official announcement came at his annual DeWine Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Social in his hometown of Cedarville. The […]

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In an extraordinary work of journalism, today’s New York  Times published the complete list of President Trump’s lies after he barged into the Oval Office,  ending – so far – on June 21.  Each is dated with the correction of his words.  His boasts were demolished with evidence that he credited himself with good works that began in the Obama administration. Or that he had been wiretapped by Obama. Or the various other ways that he managed to offend our allies. Or saving public money with programs already in place before he got to Washington. The list starts on […]

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Good afternoon, beautiful Plunderbunders, we hope you’ve had a nice start to the week. The state of Ohio sure hasn’t, what with a pro-ISIS (Daesh) ne’er-do-well launching a cyber-attack on 11 state information-technology websites Sunday night.

American Internet Graffiti

From the Columbus Dispatch:

The government web pages, including that of Gov. John Kasich, were replaced with (pro-Islamic State, anti-Donald Trump) messages about 11 a.m. Some of the websites were restored Sunday while others were back online Monday morning.

Two affected computer servers were taken offline until the websites could be restored, according to Tom Hoyt, a spokesman […]

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Winning an easy election last year to a second six-year term in the U.S. Senate, Rob Portman ran as a so-called “commonsense conservative,” fighting government intrusion in or control over virtually everything that isn’t related to the military.

Carping on the Affordable Care Act (ACA, or Obamacare) – like all Republicans do who refuse to acknowledge how much the landmark bill passed in 2010 by then-President Barack Obama has done to help tens of millions of poor and low-income people afford minimal healthcare – Portman now finds himself at the crossroads of being a hero or a […]

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“Civilization is in a race between education and catastrophe. Let us learn the truth and spread it as far and wide as our circumstances allow.” – H. G. Wells

Media literacy expert and author Frank W. Baker no doubt had H. G. Wells in mind when he addressed state library/media specialists last week at their conference at Ohio State University’s Newark Campus.

“We are in the midst of an education crisis,” he told his audience, mostly members of the Ohio Educational Library and Media Association. Those in attendance knew quite well the extent […]

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President Donald Trump smiled like a very pleased Cheshire Cat after the great hope for Georgia, Democrat Jon Ossoff, lost his Sixth District House race last Tuesday to his Republican challenger, Karen Handel, by about four points.

The race turned out to be closer than once thought, but at the end of the day Trump bellowed that he still can’t be beat. More than half the country doesn’t like him and the job he’s doing so far as President of the United States, but his dislike nationwide didn’t translate into a win […]

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