From the daily archives: Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Buckeye Institute, an ultra-conservative think tank of sorts, has a long history of opposition to adequate funding for public schools, and support for tax-funded, privately-operated alternatives to public education.

David Hansen, the former Ohio Department of Education (ODE) charter school office head had been a Buckeye Institute official. Hansen resigned from his short stint at ODE when it was revealed that he was guilty of data rigging.

In a May 31, 2017 report, Buckeye Institute recommends an atrocious public policy proposal-Education Savings Accounts. The report quotes a Matthew Ladner who states, “American schools suffer under a […]

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Although test scores are not the best measure of the efficacy of schooling, vouchers were sold as a vehicle to improve test scores. That has not happened according to multiple studies – the latest of which is reported in The New York Times.

Math scores among students who used the vouchers were roughly seven percentage points lower than students who were not selected. The negative academic effect was even more pronounced for students who were not attending a low-performing school when they were awarded the vouchers – their scores were 14.6 percentage points lower in reading and 18.3 percentage points […]

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The United States Supreme Court is going to decide whether Donald Trump’s anti-Muslim tirades can be used to determine whether his new immigration order is constitutional. When deciding the meaning of a written document, courts look at its plain language. If the words are clear, that decides the case. When there’s an ambiguity in the language, judges will try to determine the underlying intent of the person or people who wrote it to see if the uncertainty can be resolved. Cases like that are common.

The Trump immigration case is unique because the wording of his immigration order is […]

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In the wake of President Donald Trump’s ignorant, selfish and destructive decision last week to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords all nations but two are party to, the wackadoodle governor of the wackadoodle State of California has shown the Buckeye State’s governor what real leadership looks like when it comes to combating climate change.

Gov. Jerry Brown, dubbed “Governor Moonbeam” decades ago when he first became the Golden State’s leader in 1975, is resisting the White House in spectacular fashion, compared to other state leaders who sit idly by or mouth mush […]

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In “The Most Dangerous Game,” one skilled hunter loaded with resources got his kicks when he hunted someone armed only with his wits.

On his weekly conference with reporters when the Senate is in session, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown didn’t stay on-topic as he usually does, but led off with comments reacting to Anthem BlueCross BlueShield’s decision to stop selling healthcare policies on the Ohio exchange market, based on “uncertainty” in Washington as Republicans and President Donald Trump seek to repeal and replace the Affordable Car Act (Obamacare).

In a statement, Anthem cited “uncertainty” […]

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