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The Odor Of Mopping Up

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Mop-up from what we called in the barracks “latrine duty”:

When Donald Trump decided to take a break from being president of Pittsburgh to being exiled president of Cuba, he reached the zenith of chest-pounding crowd-pleasing perfection. Speaking to his choreographed audience in Little Havana, Trump expressed his gratitude for their votes last November. (“You voted for me and here I am,” he asserted with chin up in snorting defiance of all who would challenge him, apparently as shocked as anyone that indeed here he was.)

Speaking in what experts describe as a 4th grade level, he didn’t disappoint with […]

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Here is your Monday Round-Up for June 19, 2017. We suddenly regret using the term, “Monday Morning Round-Up” in our previous effort, as it belied an ambition that was not fulfilled here only in its second week. Read on to see what nonsense is going on in Ohio this week.

Guns, Guns, And Guns

That’s what the state legislature will be discussing in hearings on Tuesday. Below we’ve provided a handy list of what shall be covered as America continues to struggle endlessly with its firearm trouble and Ohio lawmakers continue to have some odd ideas about what should be […]

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The news Friday morning for Gov. John Kasich could have been better, much, much better. But it wasn’t. First, some of his ideas on shared services among communities and schools got axed by Ohio Senate Republicans whose strategy to fill a budget hole gaping at not quite $1 billion – a fiscal abyss created in large part due to years of the governor’s over-the-top income tax cuts – caught Kasich’s newest ideas on the horns of a bull called Austerity.

Friday bore more bad news for Ohio’s lame-duck governor when the Department of Jobs and Family Services released data […]

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The June 6 Washington Post article, “What we just learned from Betsy DeVos’s painful appearance before Congress,” validates that the new U.S. education secretary really does not support public education.

According to the article:

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said Tuesday on Capitol Hill that she won’t offer protections to ensure that public money is not used by for-profit education companies to make their owners rich.

She also said that private schools accepting federal funds in a voucher program would have to follow federal laws but would not promise to protect LGBTQ or other students from discrimination if the law […]

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Did The Cow Jump Over The Moon?

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I ask you: if you were in the same room the past year with the monstrous hulk of Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador with the face of a Royal Doulton toby mug, wouldn’t you recall the moment, and hasten to your friends to boast that you had just exchanged some pleasantries with the best known Russian spy in the diplomatic landscape? Wouldn’t you rank the rare experience higher than, say, sighting a cow jumping over the moon?

I mean, when it came to celebrities, even my father never forgot his glimpse of boxer Sonny Liston in a restaurant and never let […]

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