From the daily archives: Wednesday, December 26, 2012

In a couple of days – Dec. 31 – the newspaper business will arrive at the 27-year anniversary of when Columbus, the capital city of Ohio, was reduced to a single daily newspaper.   The Columbus Citizen-Journal, once the Columbus Citizen, turned off the lights on the mezzanine of the Columbus Dispatch, leaving the latter as the sole arbiter of published daily news and opinion..

The end came for the CJ in 1985 when the Dispatch’s owners informed the CJ’s parents, Scripps-Howard, that it would not renew the joint-operating agreement carved out in 1959 that placed advertising and circulation  in the […]

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Reading a article this week titled “Question John Kerry Long and Hard!”, I thought I had magically been transported back to 2004 and some fantastically ridiculous episode of Lost where Ken Blackwell, the author, is re-swiftboating John Kerry on his military experience.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Ken wants to relive that year. 2004 was probably the last good one he had as a politician or political figure.

Back then, Blackwell was serving as the G.W. Bush re-election campaign co-chair in Ohio, the Ohio Secretary of State AND “the most prominent backer of a ballot measure […]

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