From the daily archives: Friday, December 14, 2012

Let me start by saying I’m a gun owner, an Ohio CCW permit holder and the father of three young children.   And the events in Connecticut today DO NOT leave me conflicted.

When I hear that 20 innocent children are slaughtered by some nutjob out east, the first thing that crosses my mind is not: “holy crap!  They are coming for my guns.”  It’s: “what can we do to prevent this from happening ever again.”

The last time we had a serious conversation about guns in our country was the early 90’s when conservative icon Ronald Reagan, who survived […]

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After a day like today, many of us are still trying to process the unthinkable tragedy in a Connecticut elementary school. As a parent, I’m horrified and extremely grateful to be able to tuck my kids into their beds tonight, thinking about those who won’t have that pleasure.

And I’m angry. Angry, mostly because these events keep happening and nothing is ever done. After Virginia Tech and again after Tucson, we had brief national conversations about mental illness and guns, but nothing happened. More recent incidents haven’t even led to a conversation. The NRA and gun advocates have become so […]

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It might not be one of the merrier Christmases for Rick Snyder, Michigan’s Republican governor. Oh, I know.  He is happy enough to  claim that he successfully supported the new right-to-work law in his state. But it came at a price that will stain his record with what the Detroit Free Press described as  “failed”  and “two-faced” leadership.  This, from the same paper that endorsed his candidacy as a moderate in 2010. It’s not the sort of thing you want to brag to your grandchildren about.

There’s more.  Down the road,  the Toledo Blade accused him of a “betrayal” of the […]

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