From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Despite our occasional criticism of Ohio’s mainstream media, we secretly love it when they pick up the news we break, or at least make an honest attempt to follow up on our original stories.

Today we saw a good example.

During this morning’s press gaggle, WBNS investigative reporter Paul Aker approached John Kasich with a question about the PR firm that he’s hired to promote his turnpike plan.

Was this “a good use of tax dollars and why?” asks Aker. An excellent question, in my opinion, in part because the facts in the question, specifically the cost numbers, came directly from Full Story...

Kasich will have MANY problem if he tries to lease the turnpike, but two of the biggest will be:  1. a serious fight from the Teamsters which represents turnpike maintenance workers and toll collectors  and 2.  a backlash from Northern Ohioans who spent decades paying tolls to drive on the turnpike while helping to keep it the “best maintained road in the state”.

It’s possible Kasich will attempt to offer the unionized turnpike employees some kind of crappy deal, guaranteeing a certain percentage of them will keep their jobs for a number of years in exchange for not mobilizing against his […]

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If we didn’t have a guy like Secretary of State Husted around, we would probably have to invent him.

Husted has finally admitted what we all knew: voter fraud in Ohio is rare, if not practically non-existent.  Here is the reporting from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Vote fraud, [Husted said], “is a very rare occurrence,” despite claims from far-right groups and others to the contrary.  While county boards of elections throughout Ohio currently are investigating hundreds of cases in which individuals tried to vote twice, Husted said he does not regard that as evidence that fraud is a significant problem […]

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