From the daily archives: Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel ran such a shoddy, dishonest campaign that even the GOP-loving Columbus Dispatch endorsed his Democratic rival, Sen. Sherrod Brown.  You know the drill: Mandel lied over and over, got caught and kept on lying.

Journalists are now debating whether he so badly damaged himself that he really won’t be America’s first Jewish president – as he and his frat brothers/political appointees are fond of predicting.  Chutzpuh indeed.

While it is a bit early to know what fate will bring Ohio’s pants-on-fire king, it is not too late to survey the damage Mandel has already done to […]

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We live in a society of laws, why do you think I took you to see all those Police Academy movies?  For fun?  Well I didn’t hear anybody laughing.

            — Homer Simpson

The Leadership of the Ohio State Highway Patrol is trying to take advantage of the holidays to – once again – expand its jurisdiction.

We recently learned that Troopers will move beyond their role to investigate traffic accidents caused by alcohol or drugs, and now will “look for possible criminal violations stemming from the source of drugs or alcohol that led to the impairment.” (Gongwer)

This sounds […]

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