Four months ago, two NYC police officers faced down an armed man in Midtown Manhattan.  They fired a total of 16 shots – seven struck and killed the assailant before he was able to fire his weapon.

In the process, nine bystanders were also wounded.

Keep in mind here: these were trained, experienced, on-duty law enforcement officers who were firing less than eight feet from their target. And nine people were wounded directly or indirectly from their gunfire.

Also keep this in mind: Range training for an Ohio Concealed Carry permit typically requires hitting a target at somewhere between 15 and 21 feet (7 yards) – more than double the distance of the NYC incident.

These trained law enforcement professionals, who carry a gun every day, and who practice regularly with it, were shooting at an assailant at extremely close range and nine innocent people were still wounded in the short incident.

But hey, by all means, let’s give a few hours of handgun training to teachers and send them into classrooms full of children packing heat.

What could possibly go wrong?