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The Plain Dealer: Down for the Count

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When I joined the Plain Dealer  as a columnist and reporter in the early 1990s the mood in the paper’s front office was expansive.  I had a desk in the PD’s Montrose bureau from which  nearly a dozen reporters ranged across Summit and Medina Counties.    At  one point, Alex Machaskee, the ebullient  publisher, demonstrated the PD’s intense interest in a widening role in northern Ohio by driving down to Akron as the host and speaker to a large group of potential advertisers,  city officials and general achievers at a luncheon.  He wanted to stress the paper’s commitment to winning […]

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            It’s in the Geneva Convention. Look it up.

                        — Ricky Bobby

We have a lawyer friend who occasionally does some civil rights work.  He is totally stoked about the Republicans in the Ohio Legislature.  Last month we noted that the Republican efforts to pass ideologically driven, but constitutionally questionable, legislation was “a new economic stimulus plan: full employment for lawyers.”

“It’s like these guys don’t know that if they pass an unconstitutional law, they have to pay the legal bills for the other side.  Or maybe they don’t care,” he said.  “Either […]

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At the request of Governor Kasich, Michelle Rhee’s pro-charter school organization, Students First, will be presenting to members of Ohio’s House and Senate today during their respective Finance Committee meetings (9:00 & 3:00, respectively).  While we might initially expect Rhee’s group to be talking to the education committee, the fact that they are discussing “Public Education Reform” clearly identifies the reason for their invitation to present — the next state budget and a school funding model (two years overdue…).

Rhee is best known as starting out in Teach for America before her meteoric rise as the […]

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