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This anti-gun post doesn’t matter

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Among the various contributors on Plunderbund, we don’t always agree on every issue.  A significant and timely issue that we have diverse opinions on is gun control.  Occasionally we will engage in heated, but respectful debates on the issue, and I admit that it is nice to have a forum in which we can do so.

Whatever.  It doesn’t really matter anymore because this anti-gun post is completely irrelevant in America today.

I can write all I want about our need to eliminate the tools of execution used in the massacre of twenty small children caught innocently in the safe haven of […]

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With the entire country in shock over the killing of 20 grade school children in Connecticut, Governor Kasich is preparing to sign a gun bill that will allow anyone to bring a gun into the Ohio Statehouse parking garage and will allow anyone to carry a loaded magazine or speed loader along with their gun within reach of the driver.

To be fair, there’s a case to be made for the statehouse provision – though I do think the way they made it is pretty weak.   No one really believes a legislator is going to show up […]

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The details of Kasich’s Turnpike Plan are still emerging.  Yet we know enough now to question whether the plan is constitutional.

Two aspects of the plan raise significant issues under the U.S. Constitution.

First, in an effort to placate possible opposition in Northern Ohio, different rates will be charged for those making short, as opposed to longer trips. Second, money from tolls will be used for projects unrelated to the Turnpike.

Hang on tight, because we are going deep into Constitutional Law and the Commerce Clause.  This is a complicated area of law – known as the “Dormant Commerce Clause” […]

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