From the daily archives: Thursday, November 22, 2012

Those were the final words of a key education reformer last week, yet they received no press when they occurred as part of a speech here in Ohio.  Consider for a moment the ramification of such a statement and the speaker:

To those of you who are parents, how would you respond if you were told this by your child’s teacher during a parent conference in response to concern’s about you son or daughter’s academic future?

If President Obama uttered such a phrase that spoke of imposing limits on the capability of our children, how would media and the public […]

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The obligatory Thanksgiving post!  When we think about what we’re thankful for here at PB, the first thing that comes to mind is you, our dear reader.  Our hardcore followers and fans, our casual readers, those who get here because we were linked at some national site, or mentioned on cable news.  Plunderbund has grown to a point where we are acutely aware that we got here because of the support of so many of our readers and fans.

We’re also thankful for a seriously talented stable of writers, both past and present.  Why else do those readers end up […]

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We’ve been mentioned on MSNBC before and before that we’re pretty sure shows used the site for material.  We were even a guest once on The Ed Show!

We just set a new record.  3 mentions on 2 shows back to back.  Our story about Jon Husted’s desire to re-allocate our Electoral College votes based on gerrymandered Congressional Districts got mentions on both Rachel Maddow on 11/20 and The Ed Show on 11/21.  Then Rachael turned around and made us part of her “what I’m Thankful for” segment!

Wow.  To say we’re proud and humbled would be an understatement.


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