From the daily archives: Friday, November 2, 2012

It seems the television ad campaign calling out Republican Mike Duffey for his cuts to education is working. Duffey has been forced to go on defense, producing his own response ad – using his wife in a very similar setting – to try to counter the attack.

Moving Ohio Forward has been running the original 30-second TV spot featuring friend-of-the-blog Courtney Johnson. It calls out Duffey for voting in favor of $1.8 billion in cuts and for his vote on Senate Bill 5, the anti-union bill that was repealed with the help of nearly two-thirds of Franklin County voters.


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An email sent to Romney supporters in Ohio yesterday claims “Mitt currently leads Barack Obama 52% to 45% among voters who have already cast their ballots”.

Like much of the information coming from the Romney camp these days, we can find no way of interpreting these numbers that even comes close to making them appear true in battleground Ohio.

According to the latest poll by PPP  in Ohio: “33% of voters say they’ve already cast their ballots and [Obama] leads 62-35 with them.”   Other public polling shows similar results.

While Republicans might be doing slightly better nationally in early voting (a […]

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One of the best things we’ve done this cycle is make it easy for readers to reach us via our new contact form.  We’ve been blown away by the quantity and quality of the feedback and tips we’ve received since setting this up.  Joseph will tell you it’s fueled several stories.  It’s been amazing.  We have a very diverse, smart, and active reader community here at PB and for that we are extremely grateful.  We always love hearing from you so keep it up!

We recently received something I thought worthy of sharing:


I live in Ottawa County. […]

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